Is it worth going to a well known cosmetology school vs a cosmetology course at a community college?

A school such as paul mitchelle or vidal sassoon or just a course in a regular college. Would I just be paying for a name? Would it make a difference in my resume? Is it pretty much the same education no matter where I go?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Please forgo those private $$ for-profit beauty/tech schools and instead consider the more affordable county vo-tech school or community college as long as the program is accredited within the industry. It might take the graduate a couple of years to 'get a book' of regular customers before possibly making decent money and then the person would be struggling to make money to survive while trying to repay the money on those loans otherwise.

    This consumer site has posts about 'paul mitchell school' (one of those private for-profit schools): and can search.

    This site has posts about 'empire beauty' and 'aveda institute': and can search.

    US colleges:

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    I would say the school as you get more hands on there rather than a college where you have to take other courses if you want a degree. I don't go to a cosmetology school, I go to a culinary school and that is all we learn about rather than having to take other classes like gym or things like that. Plus it may be cheaper as well than a community college. It depends what degree you are getting.

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