are they not drugs our legal stimulants?

why are stimulants such as alcohol and nicotine legal substances,whereas less harmful stimulants such as cannabis and cocaine are not.If the legality status was reversed and taxation was placed on puff and coke,business would boom for the government like it did when they leased Hong Kong from China for the exportation of opium.With far less harmful effects.

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    Good point. If we legalised some drugs and licensed their supply in controlled quantities and unadulterated form, they would be safer, the government could levy a tax on them and the criminal element would be removed from the supply chain. If we are not willing to ban alcohol and tobacco which have a very high death/injury rate, why do we insist on banning other things that are much safer? I don't condone taking drugs but I do condone consistent rules.

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    The story of the drug war is a long and complicated one. For a good, brief, digestible history (mostly focused on marijuana), you can watch Grass, a documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson

    That said, I don't consider marijuana a stimulant.

    And the short answer to your question is that a bunch of old, racist, worried white people determined a very long time ago that cannabis was going to turn blacks and Mexicans into monsters. When this proved false, they suggested that cannabis was a stepping stone to harder drugs like heroin, and based on this irrational fear, have maintained the war on drugs which rages today, costing billions of dollars and countless lives. It has taken us nearly 3/4 of a century to get these old men to admit they were wrong, so that society can move back toward some sense of stability.

    Source(s): - Grass, in its entirety, on YouTube.
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    There are 2 factors in making laws.

    One is what is right and wrong.

    The other is politics, meaning what can be done.

    In the 1930s alcohol was banned in the US.

    All that happened was that the underworld (mafia) now had a product (alcohol) that most people wanted to buy from them.

    The mafia quickly became very rich and very strong.

    It took until recently, 1990s?, to deal with them.

    Alcohol is legal because of the consequences of making it illegal.

    Tobacco is legal because the tobacco companies have strong lobby groups in Washington DC.

    Both are very addictive drugs.

    They are legal because of the difficulty of making them illegal.

    Sometimes, and especially in politics, we have to make compromises.

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    The reason drugs are illegal is because the biggest drug ring in the world is the CIA. Unfortunately the majority of our government is funded by drug money ( all our taxes go straight to the Federal Reserve to pay interest on the loans ).

    If it was legal they wouldn't be able to get so many free drugs through confiscation, and they would loose more money through competition.

    Also marijuana would put the current paper industry and oil companies out of business because as an industrial plant it has incredible and numerous applications

    watch these videos to understand more

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    just a second...cocaine may well not be more harmful but it's *so*much more expensive...that's a harm in itself innit?!

    and as for drugs being safer - soon as they are legalised they'll just be more expensive (taxed) and the extra money spent on them would go to pay for politicians hd tvs, big countryside houses, city appartments, etc - i'd rather give ma cash to some lad who'll buy himself a nice new pair trainers or put food on his family's table - politicians can suck 2p - they'll get nowt from me.

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    depends on your point of view, i for one know that cocaine is extremely harmful.

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    wrong place, if this is mythical drugs made by the gods than great, but next time cheek where you are putting your questions

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    Always remember to bring a towel.

    You wanna get high?

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    there's another drug..................... it's called politics? they make the law??????

    and when I grow up???

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