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What are the worst drugs out there?

I know the most popular is probably marijuana but what are dangerous drugs? I mean of course all of them can be.



No, just wondering and for future reference.

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    dsayless has some great input. I hadn't considered inhalants, but come to think of it I have seen some very damaged people from this. I'd say nitrous oxide is probably the only inhalant I've ever abused. Kids "huffing" household chemicals is tragic.

    Heroin is horribly addictive, as is crystal meth and crack cocaine. For sure I would suggest staying away from those three. No person is stronger then them; they will cause addiction and that addiction is lifelong.

    I recently had a friend relapse into heroin use after being clean for 12 years. Once an addict, always an addict. Opiates are notorious for their addictiveness.

    Crystal meth really damages people. I can tell in an instant if crystal meth is a problem in a community. The users look terrible.

    Crack is likewise very hard on people. Any large city has crack heads spun out and gaunt looking.

    Also, Alcohol is one of the worse drugs around. It is legal, but has destroyed many many lives. Everyone knows someone with a drinking problem.

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    Personally I think the most dangerous drugs out there are the inhalants. I am a 48 yo RN & I have seen all kinds of burnouts in the psych wards I have worked in, also have seen alot of drug use in my personal life, and I have never seen anything as sad & tragic as someone who takes up using inhalants one day & the next week they are left just a husk of a human being with no soul, no personality, no identity left inside of them. And if they manage to live another 80 years, that's all it will be, day after day of staring at the ceiling or the walls, not really seeing anything & incapable of forming any sort of thoughts or words or communicating at all. Inhaling chemicals for a momentary buzz with no idea of what it is that you are actually taking into your body has got to be the STUPIDEST THING IN THE WORLD!! (& probably the very last stupid idea many of these idiots will ever have!) The second worst, most dangerous drug has got to be crack cocaine, because it is SO addictive, right away--you take one or two hits, and suddenly you are willing to rob your own grandmother at gunpoint if it will get you another hit. When I was a teenager, the evils of heroin were all you heard about, when it came to the worst drug being discussed, and trust me--opiate addiction is a hell unlike anything anyone who hasn't suffered through it can imagine, but believe me--it's got nothing on crack or inhalants, as far as being dangerous...

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    1-Meth,2-heroine,3-crack and 4-cocaine,I think.

    But probably there are other worst drugs like the injectable drugs and the acids like LSD or drugs like the psilocybin mushrooms and PCP (sort of anesthetic agent)

    The most addictive "drugs" are nicotine and alcohol,but altough they are bad too, they are not the worst to one's health.

    The most consumed drug(not counting the legal drugs: caffeine,alcohol and tobacco) is marijuana followed by the ecstasy and cocaine.

    (P.S- In my opinion,all drugs are bad,even the caffeine comsumed in excess is bad to your health. Obviously there are "drugs" that most people try like tobacco,alcohol,.. But there are other drugs written above you should NEVER try,or you wil be in trouble).

    Source(s): If you want to know more about these drugs just check:
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    I hope you are not asking so you can try some drugs. Heroin is pretty bad cause you can die the first time you try it. Yea, all drugs are bad. Don't do drugs cause it's just stupid and they will all screw up your brain/body, including marijuana.

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    the only safe drugs there are are really weed and shrooms/acid, but even those can be dangerous. those are the only drugs i would ever do.

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    Meth, cocaine, and heroin .

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