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YWWE Smackdown pik weinners and rate matches and show?

GM Paul Heyman is standing in the ring with RVD. He says that since he defeated Batista last night, RVD gets a World Heavyweight title shot at Royal Rumble against WHC Shawn Michaels and finally, FINALLY they can go to ECW and rule the land of Extreme. Batista comes out. he says Heyman cracked a chair over him and RVD is VERY lucky. Heyman tells Batista to get out of his ring. Batista looks at him. Heyman tells Batista to get out or he is fired. Batista leaves. Heyman says he has a match against RVD tonight. An Extreme Rulez match

1. Michael Tarver v Matt Morgan

2. Skip Sheffeild v Tatanka

Eddie Guerrero and new Cruiserweight champion, Chavo, are back stage getting ready for their match against Cryme Tyme. Tyson Kidd shows up with David Hart Smith and Diva's Champion, Natalya. Kidd reminds Eddie of the deal they had. Chavo looks confused and asks Uncle Eddie what deal. Edde says he doesnt know. Kidd let's Chavo know he is the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight title. Chavo looks pissed.

3. Los Guerreros v Cryme Tyme

Post Match Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch beat down Cryme Tyme

4. Dawn Marie v Francine v Elektra

5. Batista v RVD w/ Sabu, Tommy Dreamer & Paul Heyman (Extreme Rulez)

Post Match- Heyman orders a beatdown on Batista which Dreamer Sabu an RVD reluctantly comply. Shawn Michaels rushes to the ring to aid Batista

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    Matt Morgan


    Los Guerreros



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