what should my mma base be?

im 6'1 did Taekwondo at 5 years old for a year but havent done anything since . did no wrestling in high school or Bjj. also i don't know if this helps but i have very large thighs so i was thinking Muay thai but i cant make up my mind. plz if you could help me that would be awsome

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    i heard joe rogan say once that the people that really excel in the ufc are people that are good at one thing. well rounded guys are great of coarse.. but the point he was making was that these guys who are black belts at some type of wrestling based style are the dominant ones. i do jujitsu cause its just pretty natural for me. if always had to fight bigger guys cause i was hanging out with older kids all the time. i developed kind of a counter, get off me kind of style.. then ufc started coming out and i saw what i was doing and what i was trying to do. jujitsu is EXCELLENT because when you fight in the street odds are high that it will end up wrestling at one point or another. ive been doing boxing on and off for a long time. we used to backyard brawl learning mma techniques like most people do.... buying magazines studying videos that kind of stuff.. i didnt start training at an actual mma gym until recently and discovered i am better at kick boxing than anything. since then i have decided to go hard at jujitsu and attempt to get a blackbelt in bjj.. if not that then judo. since thats my weakest area... i spar with guys with different backgrounds of fighting skills and i am telling you as testimony.. BOXERS HAVE FAR SUPERIOR STAND UP AGAINST ANY OTHER STRIKING STYLE. dude not to be a douche but these guys cant see me!! my movement and defense... my punches are straighter and my timing is better. im always one step ahead. anyhow... muay thai is hardcore and those guys kick a**!!! ive never faced one and im not sure i would want to. but if im not no punching bag. i dont just stand in front . anyhow, learn a wrestling technique along with some boxing. i recommend bjj, judo, or krav maga if your gonna take something. krav maga is a style that basically is taught to american special forces from israeli special forces. the concept is to do the most effective damage in the least amount of time. groin hits, elbows, neck chops, eye gouge... its crazy..... good luck... sorry for ranting... lol

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    I'm partial to BJJ since I practice it. I know a lot of fighters that find BJJ indispensable on the ground, but the muay thai would be awesome for your stand up.

    Unless you have confidence in your ability to stuff take down attempts you will need some type of grappling game. Watching UFC, and other MMA fights, Strifeforce, Dream, you will see that not many fighters can keep the fight from going to the ground. A determined opponent will somehow find a way to take the other down.

    The best fighters have many disciplines in their background. A good MMA gym will likely help you become a well rounded fighter giving you the ability to fight on the ground as well as develop you ability to strike while standing.

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    What do you ant us to make a alternative for you? or do you wish a truly reply for your query The nice base for MMA is your possess skillset , no matter what artwork sort you start practising first, although you might have such a as a base it does not neceessarily imply you can be in a position to make use of it that good in MMA, the whole lot alterations, Wrestling at the floor is not the identical while you've acquired moves and submissions to be concerned approximately, Striking is not the identical within the alternate in view that there is not any instant "holiday" after the clinch, there is not any special nice base in MMA in view that similar to is alleged in different equivalent questions "there is not any nice martial artwork, it is all on you", and once more like I stated MMA is it is possess precise battle recreation with various one-of-a-kind stages of battle which I will atempt to collapse for you Striking Exhchange Phase-(Boxing,Kickboxing,TKD,Muay Thai and many others.) Clinch/Takedown/Throw Phase-(Freestyle/Catch/Greco-RomanWrestl... Jitsu,Muay Thai, Dirty Boxingetc.) Ground Phase(Wrestling Judo,Sambo,Jiu Jitsu and many others. and as it is possess precise system Ground and Pound) you can must mixture knowledge from each and every subject good so sincerely despite the fact that you'll opt for and decide upon and you'll consider one artwork sort is bigger for you the nice base talent set for MMA is MMA, that's MMA targeted coaching,drills,sparring,conditioning and many others. it's well to combine it up and cognizance on a targeted artwork sort for somewhat however for MMA the whole lot alterations so be aware of that.

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    Not much people are that crazy at stand up, so muay thai would be really good to major in.

    But you should still be good on the ground because if they figure out you dominate standing up, they'll just take you down right?

    You should major standing up but make sure you're good enough on the ground so you don't get owned if they take you down. (Muay thai / Wrestling)

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