How do I install language packs for internet explorer 7 and mozilla firefox?

I don't have the cd anymore for Windows XP, is there another way? And I can't find the language packs I want at mozilla add-ons. I want to install the Japanese, Chinese, Korean language packs.

I'm not interested in a dictionary or anything else, I just want the characters to appear when I open a Japanese/Chinese/Korean page, not just some blank squares in their place.

How do I do this?

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  • Joao
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    1 decade ago
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  • 4 years ago

    i'd. *lol* in case you have been inquiring for version numbers i'd worry. yet yeah, it fairly is unquestionably one of those deals: i do in comparison to disruptions to my familiar every day stuff. And getting to know an entire new browser and getting THAT look after on my computer would be a disruption. to no longer point out, my confusing disk drives (i think of I easily have "2" however the different one would desire to correctly be a logical partition, i'm unsure) are small-ish. i do no longer fairly have room to run 2 browsers at as quickly as, any further than i can run 2 finished anti-virus courses at as quickly as (firewalls, greater crap and all). issues get heavily bloated and then my computer slows to a death-crawl as my important confusing disk lots up. And properly, i've got heard Chrome receives heavily bloated, even worse than IE does in some procedures.

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