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Does the snubbing by both Maine senators of Obama's invite mean the door is closed on any further support?

Both Maine Senators declined the White House's invitation to attend President Obama's event in their home state today, according to White House spokesman Bill Burton.

Burton said the Maine Republicans decided not to attend Obama's healthcare speech in Portland, Maine.

Hehe so much for Olympia Snowe as the only GOP supporting Obama's plan on anything :D

A spokeswoman for Snowe said the senator "had a full day of events already planned today long before we learned of the President's trip to Maine last Friday."

Meanwhile, Collins is overseas visiting U.S. Central Command in Qatar, and her office says it's not clear she was invited in the first place.

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    Yeah after hearing obama talk for the 500th time in 15 months you get kind of sick at graveling at his feet.

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    Politics is like Professional Wrestling, the Democrats and Republicans openlly say they hate or dissapprove of each other, but in reality they see that both sides have different points of view and only oppose each other for political reasons or party loyalties.

    They're probably genuinely busy, and the President caught them at a wrong time.

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    Both Snowe and Collins are in SERIOUS electoral trouble after the obstructionism.

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    I wish he would have invited me. No, wait, that's the day I rinse out my socks. Darn it all!!

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    Who cares. A lot of help they were in passing the health care reform initiative!

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    Snowe should have went...she is gone away...

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