What do you think of my book so far?

I wrote this:

Chapter 1

Once there was a Dalmatian named Dotty, Dotty was a very strange dog because he liked to pick his boogers.

Thursday night, Dotty was staying up late at 10:00 because he was busy picking his boogers to make a 3 foot booger ball. He had been working on this booger ball for almost a week now. Dotty would slowly put his right paw in his nose and dig out a greenish, slimy booger, and then he stuck it on his booger ball with the rest of his boogers. He did this many times until; finally, his booger ball was finished. The big reason Dotty actually made this booger ball, was that it was show and tell tomorrow and he wanted to bring his booger ball to show and tell. Dottie’s booger ball was not a real ball with boogers on it; it was a hand-made booger ball, which meant it was completely made of boogers! The inside was made of boogers and the outside was made of boogers too. Well, Dotty slowly admired his great work,” It’s amazing,” he exclaimed. Dottie’s booger ball was 3 feet high,(like he wanted)slimy, all different shades of green and yellow, squishy, and it also looked round like a real ball, only THIS ball was a booger ball, and Dotty will bring it to show and tell tomorrow.

Chapter 2

Today was show and tell. “Hi, I am Dotty and I brought my booger ball today,” said Dotty. Immediately, a frog named Spotty said,”Eww, that thing is gross! I might even throw up if I have to!” Spotty was always mean, he was even class bully. Mrs.Hammer even said,”Spotty is right, Dotty, please put that thing away, you could make someone choke.” Dotty hated this, in response; Dotty took his booger ball, aimed it at Spotty and Mrs. Hammer, and said,” I’ll show you about jugging my awesome booger ball!” Dotty threw his booger ball, and it hit Spotty and Mrs.Hammer! Boom Bop! Spotty and Mrs.Hammer where stuck inside the booger ball! “Help,” said Spotty. “No way, I think you learned your lesson,” said Dotty.

The rest of the day, Spotty, the mean bully frog, and Mrs. Hammer where stuck inside the booger ball.

I am not done, but please tell me what you think, I will pick a best answer!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    i love it when your done post it so i can read it answer mine please


    please answer it

  • kroner
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    4 years ago

    I adore it, lovely well! A few punctuation marks right here and there however not anything slightly edit would possibly not repair. Good success with it! :) I voted and further it to my studying record...I'm on wattpad to.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think this is good as long as this is a kids book.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if this is a children's book then it is fine :D

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