Gift ideas for teen girl?

Ok so there's this girl that I really like but we're best friends so I dont' want to screw anything up. It's her birthday in august and I want to get her something that says I care but that isn't too much. I was wondering if a birth-stone (peridot for her) would be a good idea. She likes little things that are pretty and cool, like rocks and gems, and tidbits. Any ideas?

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    Since peridot is her birthstone, you could get her a peridot necklace. Or you could get her a poster of her favorite animal, or iTunes money if she has an iPod. Maybe a gift card? I love Cold Stone Creamery, they have the best ice cream, and I'd love a gift card to there. Most people love ice cream. Or, you could ask her what she wants.

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    well...idk about her but i know i would be ecstatic if someone got me oreos and a pint of vanilla ice cream.. its simple, cheap,and not a big deal but it shows that whoever got it for me pays enough attention to know the things im addicted to. jewelry seems a bit risky =, but maybe thats just me. you could get her one of those little suede bags that are filled with polished gemstones. you know, the ones they sell at gift shops whenever you're by someplace that has a history of mining or something. remember: whatever you give her, its the thought that counts. good luck!

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    a dress/something to wear

    perfumes and/or some nice beauty products

    flowers and chocolates to go with them

    her favourite music

    pendants or bracelets with rocks/gems

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think maybe a ticket of a concert or something

    when it was my 13th birthday my best friend bought me a ticket of Justin bieber concert i was like so happy i was going to fly and it was my best birthday EVER!!

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