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I'm thinking of buying a pair of PF Flyers but have a question with the size. (ordering online)?

I wear a 8.5 in converse all-stars so should i order the same size for PFs? This online stuff is tricky! answer from experience please, thanks in advance!! <3


center hi's in white!

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    i always just order my regular shoe size. sites will tell you if there sizing is different, for example ugg doesn't carry half sizes and on there site it says go a half size down. also check the site for reviews. buyers will say if they had problems with sizing. if there are no comments or complaints about sizing then an 8.5 will be fine, if not there is always return shipping.

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    PF Flyers Unisex Center High Reissue BKC Sneaker are basically very similar to high top Converse sneakers except better. More comfortable (but not quite as comfortable as your Brooks marathon trainers - they can't perform miracles) - largely because of the snazzy insole inserts and overall better shape of the shoe. Converse high tops used to make my outer feet hurt but these PFs are comfortable; were so from first wear. Colours and designs are more retro hip than Converse. I got a pair in navy and another in the cool brown/yellow stripe combo. They are 1950s small town old school style rather than contemporary 'urban' hip, they go well with jeans, vintage shirts etc

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    I'm not entirely sure, what style are you thinking of buying?

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    ummmmmm get bigger cuz converse run big in my opinion just like 1 size bigger idk

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