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I hate Chemistry, do you hate Chemistry? why?


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    Yes because Chemistry is a dirty liar. I always thought that in Chemistry class you would get to make goo and make things explode...but you don't. Instead, you get to memorize formulas and learn about atoms, protons and things that would burn a gummy bears brain.Chemistry is like Math's cooler brother. You think Chemistry is awesome because he can do so many sweet things but then you realize the truth. That the reason why Chemistry is soo sweet is because he eats gummy bear brains after they have been melted by his extreme boringness. Chemistry isn't that much fun after you realized that you won't get to do the stuff you want to do until 5+ years least Math didn't crush my dreams.

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    I Hate Chemistry

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I like chemistry when I get it. At least you don't have to take an ONLINE CLASS!!!!! I am a sophomore in high school and I have to take Honors Chemistry ONLINE! When I don't get something, I don't have a teacher to ask. We have "virtual" teachers that we can ask (they are real people who live in, like, Charlotte) if we have a question, but they are never on Blackboard IM or email during class, or ever it seems like sometimes. They can take days before answering a question. In my opinion, they sit on their *** all day getting paid to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes I wonder if they are even real teachers. And yes there is someone in the class at all times, but she emphasized at the beginning of the year that she is a MATH teacher and not a CHEMISTRY teacher. I can ask students in my class, but half the time they are as clueless as I am. The work load is ridiculous, and the teachers don't seem to give a crap. PUBLIC EDUCATION SUCKS!!!! (The state came in at the last minute during renovations at my [old] school and said that we couldn't use it as a science room because it was 20 square feet too small.) I live in North Carolina. Our local government is made up of a bunch of red neck (racist) idiots.

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      way to brag about your honours chemistry

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    4 years ago

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    I hate Chemistry, do you hate Chemistry? why?

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    You're not alone; I've also had problems coping with the chemical equations, while physics and maths made up for the poor grade in chemistry. Your best bet may be physics, except for the fact that you dislike the electrical and electronics part of it. You may be OK with Mechanical engineering if you don't have problem with technical drawing and study of materials. Civil engineering too might suit you (Structural part), if you don't have problems with Mechanics (Engineering mechanics).

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    I hate the nature of chemistry, which is why I never like it. Taking it online seems to be a pain in the @$$ for me this semester, and obviously memorization isn t something that s relevant to my career AT ALL, but what am I to do? Take it, and NEVER TAKE IT EVER AGAIN!!!!!

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    Chemistry is one of my least favorite classes ever... I mean I've had some bad classes this one is the worst. I think I have a combination of all bad things. My teacher is one of those awkward teachers that lets you walk all over her and doesnt care, then the next day shes completely crazy. On top of that I HATE memorization and memorizing usless things, such as all of the polyatomic ions that we had to memorize for three quizzes. Really?! WTF when will we use this ever again. Its not like if I get pulled over and a cop goes if you can name all the polyatomic ions ill let you go.... pls spare me from this pain

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    I don't hate chemistry itself. I hate the chem class I am in. I'm taking A.P. Chem II and my school just stuck me in it. They won't let me switch it out and I had no say in it. My teacher expects me to already know everything and makes me explain it when I don't know what he's talking about most of the time and he gets on my case about it because I'm not like the "brainiacs" who are acing the class and I am making a C. I don't understand anything and I'm spending hours at home and any available time at school studying it and I am kind of sick of it. The other students won't help me because either they don't know me, like me, or don't know themselves. Sorry about my rant. Your question caught my eye and I thought I should post something since you don't have many answers.

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      I reallllllly know how you're feeling. It's happing the same to me and my tablemate. The teacher just tells us what to do and doesn't explain how. They expect you to already know . And it's not even useful to try really hard if the teachers won't explain.

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    6 years ago

    Chemistry sucks ***!

  • 4 years ago

    At least your teacher doesn't have some grudge to you i mean wtf i have done to her that she always make some way to make me have a bad score like the **** ? Why hate me so much ? Did i kill your dog pet or something?

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