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is this a good turbo set-up for a stock integra? will chose best answer?

This is my first turbo set-up and trying to gather as much info as possible in order not to blow my only car up. I only plan running on 4psi. Biggest problem is I cant buy a chipped ecu because its a 0bd2 automatic.

b18b1 motor

ebay turbo kit

190 lph pump

10.1 obx FMU

275 injectors

any ideas

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    Please be more specific when you say "ebay" turbo kit

    I would not trust anything that comes from ebay, considering its mostly broken or re-manufactured parts. If this is your first turbo, please Go to a mechanic, ask them to work on it with you. No sense in blowing yourself up, or completely destroying your only means of transportation. Also it maybe a good idea to get intakes and a catback to let your car "breath" better lessening the chance of malfunction.

  • JM
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    10 years ago

    That would be fine, but those ebay turbo kits are junk and are known to blow up and cause damage in no time. You really don't want to turbo a automatic, its not really worth it in my opinion. But if you do go ahead with it, 4psi will be fine.

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