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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationCar MakesAcura · 1 decade ago

is this a good turbo set-up for a stock integra? will chose best answer?

This is my first turbo set-up and trying to gather as much info as possible in order not to blow my only car up. I only plan running on 4psi. Biggest problem is I cant buy a chipped ecu because its a 0bd2 automatic.

b18b1 motor

ebay turbo kit

190 lph pump

10.1 obx FMU

275 injectors

any ideas

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok, I had missed the OBD1 part on Hondata's site for the ECU, but here's what I've seen. You won't be able to run bigger injectors on the stock ECU, so you will need something like an A'PEXi S-AFC to adjust the fuel trim for bigger injectors. Also, do NOT buy an ebay knockoff turbo. From everything I've ever read for them, they are cheap chinese replicas of real turbos, that are NOT balanced. That means when you spin it to 60,000+RPM of shaft speed, things come apart real easy and destroy your engine. Spend the money on a name brand turbo (IHI, Garrett, Mitusbishi) and know that it won't self-destruct on you the first time you spool. I would also go with a 255lph fuel pump and a boost-referenced fuel pressure regulator, the 255 is only like $15-25 more than the 190, so it's worth it for extra insurance. I haven't heard anything, good or bad, about OBX, but if you're using an FMU, just go with the boost referenced pressure regulator, because a good one is adjustable so you can tune the pressure rise rate right at the regulator, or get a Vortech FMU off ebay. A 10:1 FMU will not do you any good, as at 1psi boost, it would provide 10psi fuel, 2psi-20, 3-30 and 4-40. Your stock fuel system runs on 43-45psi stock, so the FMU would literally do nothing at just 4psi of boost, so you would be wasting your money at that point. Above that, 6-7-8psi, it would work well, but combined with bigger injectors it would probably flood your engine without proper tuning.

    I would do:

    ebay intercooler kit

    Garrett T28/T3 or another internally wastegated turbocharger

    JGS Tools manifold

    Get an exhaust shop to make a downpipe for you

    Walbro 255lph pump

    good fuel pressure regulator with a boost referencing port

    Apexi S-AFC Neo

    DIY oil and other lines needed for the turbo

    larger injectors.

    With all that you might be able to get it to run somewhat acceptable, but unfortunately with only 4psi, you won't see much for a power increase.

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  • 4 years ago

    That would be fine, but those ebay turbo kits are junk and are known to blow up and cause damage in no time. You really don't want to turbo a automatic, its not really worth it in my opinion. But if you do go ahead with it, 4psi will be fine.

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  • Henry
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Turbo and At don't mix. ebay turbo will blow in a few hours.

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