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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationFishing · 1 decade ago

A good cheap first fishing boat for a 15 year old ( No Jon Boats )?

Im 15, turning 16 this summer, and am looking at a boat for next summer. we have a boat but its a lil run down and breaks down a lot, and since im gonna be wanting to go out on the lake by myself, that cant be happening.

I want something that is functional as a fishing boat ( please dont say a cheap little john boat either, i want a respectable boat ), is pretty cheap so i can save up and have it by next summer, and most importantly it has to be reliable because im gonna be out there by myself and im no motor wiz or anything and i dont want my dad worrying about anything

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  • Josh
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    1 decade ago
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    Well, I don't know exactly what kind of boat you are interested in. I don't assume you mean a full blown Bass boat.

    Have you ever heard of Pelican boats? If not, have a look at them. I have a 10 foot Pelican Bass Raider and like it a whole lot. I personally don't like john boats because of the fact they normally aren't stable at all, they tend to be uncomfortable, and they just don't have a whole lot of room on them. The Bass Raider boat is a plastic boat which has a pontoon like hull on it. This makes it a very stable boat. You can easily stand up in them and fish if you get tired of sitting for a long length of time.

    Another thing I like about them is the room that they have. They're nice and wide so you can easily fit plenty of tackle boxes, rods/reels, coolers, and any extra stuff you may have at the time.

    They are also comfortable to be on all day. They come with 2 pivoting seats with the option of padded seats.

    (Link to Bass Raider)

    (Link to Pelican's site)

    Again, I don't know if that is the type of boat you are looking for but if so, I highly reccomend considering it. I just use a trolling motor on mine but you can put a normal motor on it also if you'd like.

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  • paul z
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I gave my 15 yo son an inflatable boat,and an electric trolling motor with it,he gets to use it all summer,and can pack it up come winter in a small area,the thing has built in rod holders and is nice for his purposes.It was very inexpensive,at 200.00 and he can haul it himself without a trailer or anything.

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