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If i were to go to pakistan and get an mbbs there in five years to be a doctor, how many years would i have to complete in america when i come back. i finished school here in america upto high school. i want to do my doctoring in pakistan bc its faster and thn com3 back to america...plzz help

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    Well, many of the medical schools in pakistan do not require a college degree to go to attend the medical school, although most of them recommend that you take at least 1-2 years of undergrad, or at least have a lot of AP credits from high school.

    If you do go to a medical school in will finish your MBBS in 5 years...and then if you want to go back to [wherever you are from] , you will have to get your residency from a medical college in [wherever you are from] to practice there. You will need to pass the appropriate licensing examinations ( like the USMLE in America) to get a residency

    Anyway....if you want to go to a Medical School in Pakistan. Make sure it is accredited.

    that website shows a list of medical schools in Pakistan, so I'm assuming that means that those medical schools are accredited......although really the only way of making sure that your education in a medical school in pakistan will get you a residency, would be to check with which Medical College you would like to do your residency with, and check if they will accept an MBBS degree from the school in Pakistan.

    Deciding whether or not you want to go medical school in Pakistan is a tough and I guess, somewhat risky you will have to think through all your options, before you decide to go there.

    Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in pursuing a medical education, wherever it may be.

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    Hi Amber,

    You will need to check in the states that you are considering practicing if they will accept medical education done in Pakistan. In addition women are treated much differently than they are in Pakistan this may mean you are not accepted into medical school. If you are then you will face allot of risk to your life due to the current unrest that exists especially in the northern part and in the larger cities of Pakistan. My advice would be to stay in the United States due to the safety and equality protection you would receive versus studying in Pakistan.

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