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Clean rabbits pee stained butt?

I used to have wire bottom cages for my bunny but now we upgraded and they are solid bottom. He is getting pee stains around his butt/crotch area and it is very messy and stinks. I tried wiping it and I've resorted to bathe him, twice, with sensitive pet shampoo with not much luck. Hes good about cleaning himself it just seems stuck, is this normal? He has a litterbox in his cage that he won't use, he just likes to sit in it. I have wood shavings down, tried not putting anything down so he would go in the litterbox but he peed all over the cage, usually he only pees in one area, unless the litterbox is there then he'll pee somewhere else. Any ideas? His feet aren't even dirty just around his genitals area. He's a holland lop, about a year and half old

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    Try mixing vinegar with an equal amount of water, spraying it on, and then working it into the hair. Then rub a little cornstarch into the hair as well before brushing it all out. This is a trick that an ARBA judge who shows three different breeds of white rabbit uses.

    I have also had an ARBA judge from Colorado tell me while I was at a show one day that if you lightly mist rabbits with a pale-colored beer, the yeast in the beer will encourage them to clean themselves more. He swears he does this with his show rabbits, but I have never tried it.

    Source(s): Preparing to show rabbits with ARBA
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    If your bun is not fixed I would look into that first.

    You can litter box train a rabbit. Take all bedding out of the cage except for the litter box. if your bun pees or pooh anywhere wipe it up and put that paper towel in the litter box.

    Wire bottom cages are not good on there feet.

    There is a great rabbit site full of info

    Do not use Pine savings or cedar bedding it is bad for rabbits. Horse stall bedding is around 8 bucks for 40 pounds. If you clean the litter box everyday or every other day you should see the stains going away. You can also go to home depo and ask Florissant light grating. and cut that to fit inside you litter box. To keep him off the litter. I would use a cat litter box to fit the size of your bunny.

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    I recently upgraded my son's cage to the solid-bottom-type as well and we noticed pee stains on his clothing the very next day. I recommend changing back to your old cage; the wire-bottom type is ideal for animals, unless you can beat the behavior to sit in one's own filth out of him, but that didn't work with Sloth.

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    Yes that is normal... I would suggest switching back too. just make sure your bunny has a place without the wire in his cage where he can rest... Hope i helped!

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