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What do you think of this low budget turbo set-up? will chose best answer?

I have a 96 integra that I want to install a turbo, with only $1500. I only plan running on 4psi. Biggest problem is I cant buy a chipped ecu because its a 0bd2 antomatic.

Would this be a safe set-up for a stock car without a tuned ecu?

b18b1 motor

ebay turbo kit $800

190 lph pump $100

10.1 obx FMU $100

275 injectors $70

air/ratio gauge $50

boost gauge $50


Is this stock motor handle this set-up? I still have $330 to spend, is there any part I missed?


So impossible to run a turbo without a tuned ecu?

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    never trust the ebay turbo kits...better off buying used parts individually

    read this site and get some knowledge

    if you want to tune it you need to get the ob2b i think adapter

    from hondata

    never go cheap on a turbo trust me, had a lot of friends use ebay kits... and they were epic failure...

    a cheap kit to build should cost about 3grand

    Source(s): former dc2 turbo
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    You can't run a turbo or supercharger without altering the fuel map...end of story. Ever hear of a greddy emanage or something like that? That's what you need if there's no dedicated ecm/pcm calibration tools for your vehicle.

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