Would Ibuprofen help all of these problems since they all involve inflammation?

I'm 15. I have pleurisy which is inflammation around your lungs along with fluid. I smoke but I'm taking Ibuprofen to help with the pleurisy. The antibiotics I was on before caused me to develp enterocolitis. I think its swelling of your large intestine and colon and Im in EXCRUCIATING pain.. would Ibuprofen help with that too?

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    Med student here. I'll help ya out. I have Lupus so I get pleurisy sometimes too. You are right about entercolitis. It's the swelling of the intestines and/or colon and it's most often caused by antibiotic use. The ibuprofen won't help. Oddly enough, you need antibiotics for it. You may also need to have your intestines medically flushed out (colonic saline rinse) and may require you to go on IV feeding for a time. You need to go to your doctor asap because entercolitis can cause sepsis (blood infection). Hope this helps!

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