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Does Micheal Steele miss his homeboys at the Democratic Party since he is all alone?


Ooooh hush! Its just an aprils fool joke! I'm sure there two or three more black Americans in the Republican party

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    There's a helluva lot more than that.... they just don't get any press.

    mmm... I wonder why that is ....

    * Akindele Akinyemi, CEO of One Network and Conservative Educator

    * Claude Allen, former White House Domestic Policy Advisor

    * Renee Amoore, health care advocate & founder and president of The Amoore Group, Inc.; former candidate for RNC Co-Chairwoman

    [edit] B

    * Martin D Baker, Republican Candidate for US Congress in Missouri's First(2010) and Fifth Districts(2008)

    * J. Kenneth Blackwell, former Secretary of State of Ohio, former gubernatorial candidate

    * Lynette Boggs, former Las Vegas City Councilwoman, former Clark County, NV commissioner, former candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives

    * Peter Boulware, former NFL linebacker and Republican candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, District 9.

    * Jennette Bradley, former Treasurer of the State of Ohio

    * Edward Brooke, former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, first African American elected by popular vote to the U.S. Senate

    * Janice Rogers Brown, a federal judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals

    * Blanche Bruce, former U.S. Senator from Mississippi, first African American to serve a full term in the U.S. Senate

    * Victoria Buckley, former Colorado Secretary of State[1]

    * Pearl Burris-Floyd, North Carolina House of Representatives, 110th District

    * Keith Butler, Republican national committeeman from Michigan, former councilman for Detroit, minister and former U.S. Senatorial candidate

    * Wendell N. Butler, Jr., mayor of Chester, Pennsylvania

    [edit] C

    * Herman Cain, businessman and media personality

    * Jennifer Carroll, Florida State Representative[2]

    * Clarence H. Carter, Director of the District of Columbia's Department of Human Services, former administration official under President George W. Bush[3]

    * Ron Christie, former advisor to Vice-President Dick Cheney.[4]

    * Octavius Valentine Catto, civil rights activist and African American baseball pioneer

    * Henry P. Cheatham, former U.S. Representative from North Carolina

    * Eldridge Cleaver, author and civil rights leader

    * William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr., fourth United States Secretary of Transportation, first African American Supreme Court Clerk[5]

    * Ward Connerly, political activist, businessman, and former University of California Regent

    [edit] D

    * Oscar Stanton de Priest, former U.S. Representative from Illinois

    * Frederick Douglass, abolitionist, editor, orator, author, and statesman

    [edit] E

    * Larry Elder, talk radio host and commentator

    * Robert Brown Elliott, former U.S. Representative from South Carolina

    * Melvin H. Evans, former U.S. Representative from, and former Governor of, the U.S. Virgin Islands

    * Charles Evers, civil-rights leader in Mississippi, brother of Medgar Evers

    [edit] F

    * James L. Farmer, Jr., civil rights leader

    * Arthur Fletcher, official in the administrations of Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and George H.W. Bush; considered the "father of affirmative action"

    * Gary Franks, former U.S. Representative from Connecticut

    * Ryan Frazier, Aurora City Councilman, Candidate for United States Senate elections in Colorado, 2010

    * Samuel B. Fuller, founder and president of the Fuller Products Company, publisher of the New York Age and Pittsburgh Courier, head of the South Side Chicago NAACP, president of the National ***** Business League, and a prominent black Republican

    [edit] H

    * Jeremiah Haralson, former U.S. Representative from Alabama

    * Ted Hayes, activist for the homeless

    * Jean Howard-Hill, national chair, National Republican African American Caucus

    * John Adams Hyman, former U.S. Representative from North Carolina

    [edit] I

    * Niger Innis, commentator and activist

    [edit] J

    * Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    * Raynard Jackson, political consultant and political analyst for WUSA*9 TV (CBS affiliate) in Washington, DC

    * Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School; pro-life movement leader; Republican candidate for U.S. House and U.S. Senate[6]

    * Wallace B. Jefferson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas

    [edit] K

    * Alan Keyes, former member of the Republican party and nominee for the U.S. Senate

    * Alveda King, former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    [edit] L

    * John Mercer Langston, former U.S. Representative from Virginia

    * Jefferson Franklin Long, former U.S. Representative from Georgia

    * John Roy Lynch, former U.S. Representative from Mississippi

    [edit] M

    * Lenny McAllister, political analyst, community activist, and author

    * Angela McGlowan, political analyst

    * Henry E. McKoy, fo

    Source(s): The rest of the list ( N - Z ) provided at link above. Maybe you learned something today
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    What on earth are you talking about?

    Blacks have been at home in the Republican party since the Emancipation Proclamation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hes not all alone, you just ignore any one else.

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    I miss the days when my hair was big and flowing

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  • 1 decade ago

    ....yeah, because you guys hate racists right.....?

    ...ah yes....because as long as racism is veiled beneath witty remarks, it's perfectly acceptable in your "liberal-minded" circles...

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