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My dream ambition is to become an actress. My dad is said he will support me but he wont if i dont study hard at school. He said he would take me to acting classes like pinewood studious and other places. I did not choose drama as a GCSE but i have had leads in plays before and i am great at acting. The only thing that is letting me down is the fact that actress are usually pretty and i dont think i have the look. I know i am young still but imagine me when i am older. Do you think i look like i could become an actress??




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    Being an actress has less to do with looks than you think. Movies specifically marketed to teenagers tend to emphasize looks over talent, but most people who star in those won't even have careers in a few years because cuteness has a short shelf life. It's actors who focus on learning and mastering their craft who enjoy long careers. But people whose only qualification is having a certain look or attitude that's appealing usually lack the skills they'll need to sustain their careers. That's why there are so many "whatever happened to?" shows and magazine articles devoted to former teen idols.

    Some movies and TV shows insist that lead characters be singularly attractive, but there's no shortage of roles for people who look ordinary. Brat Pitt may make the People magazine sexiest men list, but Steve Buscemi makes a great living and does more movies than his more handsome costars because he transforms himself into whatever a character requires. He's played sleazy crooks, as well as leading men, since he's so convincing that we're not even aware that he's ordinary looking. And Felicity Huffman has built a huge TV and movie career, even though she's common looking by Hollywood standards. She's played everything from starlets to a transsexual and won awards for convincing audiences she is those characters. Both Buscemi and Huffman are so good at what they do, they're able to trick the audience into believing they are their characters.

    I like to use Toni Collette as an example of the consummate actress. Though plain by most people's standards, she's stole the movie "In Her Shoes" from Cameron Diaz. And she gained 40 pounds to play a desperate bride-to-be in "Muriel's Wedding" and was completely convincing as a glamorous '50s housewife in "The Hours" opposite Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman. She currently stars on the show "United States of Tara" in which she plays a woman with multiple personalities ranging from a seductress to a male Vietnam veteran. It's unlikely the director would have considered hiring someone known only for her looks to play such diverse roles. Here's a sample:


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    When most people talk about movies, they don't refer to the characters by name. Instead, they only see the actors who played the characters. But if the lead actress is doing her job exceptionally well, we should see only the character she's playing. And it's harder for people who are valued mostly for their looks to accomplish that. If a common looking person is able to transform herself into anything from a drug addict to a romance novelist, she'll be able to sustain a career that lasts more than a couple years.

    I don't even need to look at your links, since your looks aren't important. If you're talented and committed to learning and mastering the craft of acting, there's a place for you in the acting world. And if you devote yourself to becoming the best actress you can possibly be, you'll have a much greater chance of success than a pretty girl who thinks she'll be able to coast on her looks. Looks might get someone a job or two, but they're not enough of a foundation on which to build a career. But someone who's gone to the trouble of developing her talent will be able to convince audiences she's as glamorous or tragic as a character requires.

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    First, it's impossible to tell if someone could be an actor or actress simply based on their looks.

    Second, your links don't work.

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