Why does Russia hate America?

I heard stories about Americans who went to Russia got killed or beat up just because they were American. So why does Russia hate America?

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    I've visited Russia and several former SSR republics many, many times. I can't say that I've ever encountered a situation where Russians were openly hostile to me because they knew or suspected that I was an American. Just the opposite, they demonstrated to me an admiration for USA and were very curious to know more about it.

    Yea, I've come across more than a few very drunk Russians who were hostile about just anything at the time. Just looking for a fight. They asked me if I was an American (in a nasty way) and I lied, saying that I has Canadian and maneuvered myself away from them.

    There are criminal elements in every country. Sometimes, Americans have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time in Russia and have been mugged, robbed and even murdered. Why? For money or just plain drug crazed or alcoholic behavior by their assailants.The same has happened to Russians in America.

    Sometimes, American (and other western) business people have developed successful businesses in Russia and have been murdered by their competitors and/or business associates. These types of serious crimes seem to go "unsolved" more in Russia than in USA. Any murder is considered the biggest crime in America and tremendous amounts of resources are spent trying to solve them to punish the guilty. Perhaps Russia hasn't the same tradition of solving serious crimes like murder for profit that America has. Perhaps there is more "official" bribery in Russia than in USA. Maybe Russia simply hasn't the same resources to investigate and solve these crimes. Russian murders for profit could just have easily been committed upon Brits, Germans, Swedes, you name them as against Americans. I do not think that being an American makes anyone more vulnerable to that type of economic crime.

    Some Americans do tend to be boisterous, loud, obnoxious and flash money in "seedy" places. That can easily cause resentments and mark them as an easy target to be murdered/robbed. I've seen the same thing happen to Russians in America.

    There still are remnants of the "cold war" that remain in existence between Russia and USA. Those old hostilities are fading fast. Russia still suffers a reasonable fear of invasion from hostile nations. It is no comfort to Russia to watch it's old allies aligning themselves with the west and USA ... even becoming members of NATO. I strongly believe that in the coming decades, Russia and USA will find much more in the their common interests than in their past differences. Cooperation in counter terrorism will be one of the kick starts it and a mutual need to off set China's growing power will be another.

    I do not think that Russia or Russians hate America. Some residual distrust that are remnants of the "cold war" are fading rapidly. Among all nations, there will always be geopolitical concerns and competition for economic resources and markets. Nations have always acted in their own self interests.

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    It's curious to note that similiar tendencies could be noted among the Russians themselves. A lot of them firmly believe that the US is bound on bombing the world into oblivion - and, surprisingly enough, most of Europe seems to agree with that, at least according to the Internet. It's even more symptomatic that some of them believe that the US is an anti-Christian nation that is to impose its Mammon-worshipping policies upon the whole world. They also think that the US are attacking Middle Eastern states to encircle the territory of Russia, to conquer its territory and get hold on their military resources. It seems that they, too, believe that the US doesn't hold white identity and Christian religion in high regard, seeing how they crushed one of the most devoutly Christian and patriotic nations in Europe, namely Serbia. If anyone will be responsible for the end of the world, some of them think, it will be America with its war-mongering imperialist policies. I share some of their fears as well, although I'm certainly not against white Christian Americans. It would've been better if they tried to make their country white again instead of trying to conquer the other side of the globe and being hostile to another major white Christian nation. I would even go further and ask why should any Christian nation care for Israel. P.S. Why would Russia align with China against the US? China is viewed as a more dangerous threat by the folk, since their illegal immigrants are taking over the Russian Far East even as I'm typing this message.

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    I love soccer and would love to see the cup 2018 but am hesitant with everything boiling up with Russia and with USA. I'm not by any means a guy that looks for fighting, at the same time I'm not the guy that will be pushed around either. I'm probably going to sit these one out because I have a strange feeling that there will be a war going on before then.

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    There are a lot of prejudices in the world, and Russia is one of many countries that don't really like us very much. There were a lot of conflicts and tensions between the U.S. and Russia, particularly at the end of WWII and afterwards. Toward the end of WWII, instead of invading France to relieve pressure on the Eastern front in Russia, the U.S. delayed opening a second front in France, and this elevated Russian suspicion of the U.S. The Space Race is another good example. The first orbitting sattelites, Sputnik I and Sputnik II were launched in 1957 by the Soviets, and this caused a crisis in U.S. confidence in the Eisenhower administration's approach to education and technology. John F. Kennedy's campaign was based largely on this lack of confidence and America's demand to outperform Russia technologically. Kennedy is mostly responsible for starting "The Space Race" which ultimately resulted in the U.S. being the first country to land on the moon, not Russia. Also, the Soviets backed Cuba in the early 60's, supporting Cuba's communist agenda while the U.S. was trying to prevent the spread of communism to Latin America. The Berlin Wall was also a result of Russian and U.S. tensions. Russia also had a habit of "testing" each new American president to see how far they can push the boundaries. This was especially true of the Kennedy administration in the early 60's. Russia was forced to dismantle its nuclear missels in Cuba in exchange for the U.S. removing missels from Turkey. The problems go way back, but extreme prejudice isn't very common towards American tourists in general.

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    Dude. That's the other way around. Sure some would hate, but that's because every country is full of s**t. Now take big countries. USA = full of it, Russia = full of it, even small countries = full of it. There is never one single voice. So saying Russia hates this or that is incorrect. American movies depict Russians in a certain way, they depict themselves also in some specific way. People believe what's shown in movies and therefore often base their judgement on that. Well, i can tell you that ALL Africans I came across, including (no offense) stupid ones believe movies. No matter what question or opinion you ask about whatever nationality. In fact not only that but often I hear a word ''movie'' coming in MANY of the answers or opinions. Dude! There are plenty of nice people in Russia. Politicians sure must hate you, but to be honest, there are plenty of reasons for that. Look into history. NOT just the history books written in your language, but look from Russian side, or whatever other books from whatever other countries. Then put them together in one puzzle. See what's wrong with history, where facts don't match, where they are missing. NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Look at WHY generally there would be hate. Your country is provoking Russians through: be it movies, news (like with that b**ch I saw once saying bad things about Russians when it came to war In Georgia (shes been on Fox news if I remember correct)). As for alcohol, again, DUDE, their history books are filled with oppressions (I think starting with long oppression from Mongolians is the real start of everything) and wars, what the hell do you expect from people? Their government is not that different from yours. Politics are politics. Greed is greed. I don't think any government really cares for people. BUT back to the most IMPORTANT part. THEY, Russians forgave FRENCH! How come? Because we, French aren't like you, generally speaking. Sure we are ALSO frigging vulnerable to media, but they like us. Who doesn't like us, you, them, or whoever else is: Politicians and their sheep. You, your mother or father, your grandmother or friend, or sister could be one of them. In all honesty I hate wars, I hate that stupid hatred that is constantly (except for some rare cases) shown in movies, on TV, some of your American news reporters and of course internet where any hater can abuse the information and post more b.s.

    I have met and befriended Russians like Americans, like people from other not so popular in a good way countries. Those people are great and they did not disagree with me when we also touched that and similar topics.

    In other words: quit being brainwashed monkey.

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    We do not hate America here in Russia.None of my friends and family members do,neither does anyone I know.Personally I loved the US.I ve lived there for a month and people were nice to me and were okay with the fact that I m Russian.I think it's a stereotype.

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    Jealosy, idealogy, system, succes of america, jobs = these are the main reason...... jealosy= coz the world only watch American movies, ( idealogy of politics, immigrant, rights in russia they dont have these ideology) (system= america have a good system no above the law, good edution system and more system that benefits public.) (succes= no matter how many countries try to destroy america it always come out and become stronger) ( job= jobs are lots than russia)

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    Russian media develops hatred to Americans. US does not do this to Russia. There are about 2 million of Russians live in the US. I wonder what if US did such a nasty propaganda against Russia, how would it fire back to Russia?

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    Why does America hate Russia?

  • 6 years ago

    Cause America is source of Devil.

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