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Do any bearings fit in any wheels? (For Roller Hockey)?

I have new wheels to put in my skates and I want to buy new bearings, but I'm wondering if I can get any bearings. Thanks

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    Standard bearings will pretty much fit any standard wheels. Micro bearings and the wheels designed to fit them have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur for many reason. My recommendation is somewhere between an ABEC-5 and ABEC-7 rated bearing (I prefer BSB brand). Some skates come standard with ABEC-9 rated bearings which is way overkill for roller hockey and skating in general. The original ratings were based on industrial machinery standards and not RPM etc. I don't feel ABEC-9 or even ABEC-7 will improve your game much but cost a lot of coin

    Source(s): Selling hockey and roller hockey equipment for 21 years
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    the midsection piece is a spacer. it truly is held in place via bearings on the two sides, which grant the wheel with its spinning function. you could desire to pop the bearings out to get to the spacer. via pushing on the edge of the spacer with a blunt device (with the intention to no longer gouge the spacer) you could come out the bearing on the different section, making the eliminating of the close to-section bearing trouble-free. Rollerblade used to make a bearing eliminating gadget, yet you may get away with a flat screwdriver in case you're careful.

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