What are some Ohio Stereotypes?

I've lived in Ohio most of my life. I'm just curious what people from other states think about Ohioans. What's your impression of people from Ohio? Be honest.

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    I lived there over a decade, in two different major cities, after having lived in the South.

    Central Ohio/Columbus is more like the Northeastern part of the country, in that the people are more insular, and don't seem interested in people from other states. They believe they are just as friendly as any other state, without having travelled to or lived in any place other than Columbus. In Columbus, you either went to THE Ohio State University, or you didnt (and therefore dont matter). Buckey fans seem to have a belief that the Bucks have a divine right to win every National Championship, every year, and try their best to burn the city down whether they beat Michigan or not. The people, in general, are more freedom-oriented and less likely to accept a high degree of governmental control, while Southerners seem more comfortable living with the constant reminders about The Law. Christianity seems to be the dominant religion in either region, although the influx of Somalians, in particular, seems to have made Islam an up-and-coming religion in the Columbus area. The people of the city, in general, seem to prefer to stay within their own groups of friends, and not add new friends; in short, they don't appear to care about expanding their horizons beyond Central Ohio.

    Cincinnati definitely has a more Southern orientation. People are more friendly, and likely to speak to strangers. I met more Purdue alumni in Cincinnati, and they werent as fan-centric as the Buckeye Faithful. They have different favorite foods, including goetta, and Cincinnati-style chili, without beans. Better architecture too, as Cincinnati is older, and was once the largest city of the West. Then everyone went to Chicago.

    In either city, football and baseball are the sports everyone watches. In Columbus, it was the Browns, in Cincinnati, the Bengals. Lots of Steelers fans in either city too. Drivers are bad no matter where you travel in the country.

    I loved living in and exploring Ohio for its history, and the landscape. The winters are depressing, with constantly gray skies, and snow that lasts for months. Summers are nice, although humid.

    Source(s): Lived there.
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    Ohio Stereotypes

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    I too have lived here all my life seen a lot of changes. Ohio drivers go to fast and they tail gate you and you better not complain. Way to many bars easy to buy drugs.

    I have been in other states where I saw nothing of this. Ok City was really nice, so was Ne. even New Mexico, people were friendly.

    I don't think this answers your question, but I'd stay out of Cincinnati, to much gang wars there.

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    I can't think of one stereotype. I thought this question was a joke. Ohio?

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    Honestly nothing comes to my mind about people from Ohio

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