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Koreans, what do you think of 이명박 and why?

So many Koreans have told me they hate Lee Myung-bak but unfortunately none of them has spoken enough English to explain it to me. Many adults said they absolutely hate him, and even the elementary school students I teach unanimously declare that they hate him.

I get the impression that he's extremely unpopular in Korea. Please could somebody explain why. I don't know much about Korean politics or political history, but please can you explain why?


If you have time, please could you explain in detail and give some examples. I'm really curious about why he's so unpopular. Thank you.

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    A HORRIBLE president.

    Imported possible mad cows to Korea. People in United States don't even eat our cows. We import them from Austrailia. Correct me if I'm wrong but what happened was that the president during that time (Bush) was trying to get rid of those cows and President Lee just asked him if he could take them. A vegetarian man died in England with mad cow disease. Crops and cows are related. So people protested peacefully with candle lights in the hands and the president ordered the police return it with violence. To cover what he have done. He fired the owner of three newspaper companies and replaced them with someone who will support him. The newspaper made fake articles saying that only 300 people or so participated in the protest. But the truth is. Over million people participated in the protest. I am surprised how many Koreans actually fell for that article. President Lee also shut down some webpages. He denies to listen to his people.

    Just recently, there was a news about President Lee talking to Japanese President about Dokdo. Japanese president said that he will put "Takeshima" in their textbook which pretty much makes Dokdo part of their country. Instead of standing up for his own country, President Lee said "Wait"

    There are other things that he had done. I'm writing those major things that he had done real quick since I'm in class... but really. I can't wait til we elect the new president.

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    I teach elementary school in Korea, but I am not one of those foreigners who "never went to asia, so when I go for the first time I think its so baller that I conform to all the political beliefs of the locals and side with them on all their domestic/ neighborly issues", so I actually like the guy. But anyways, I think people don't like him because hes a conservative and hes being aggressive with North Korea. I THINK that's one reason. I also heard from a Korean girl that hes from an upper class family so he thinks he's awesome.

    As a conservative, hes more aggressive and that's why hes awesome. Koreans+ liberalism= a lot of people complaining and no real **** actually getting done. South Korean liberal politics when dealing with North Korea don't work. Not much does. North Korea doesn't care about anyone, not even the hand that feeds them as long as they can stay in power. Kim Jong Il needs a bullet to the head, and Lee Myung-bak is the guy to do it, if any. Liberal Koreans believe in peace and unification, which is as likely to happening as unicorns coming to my home.

    I forgot to mention that liberal Koreans believe in bitching about Japan and textbooks, when they "revise" their history as well (little known fact).

    Also, President Lee didn't stand up for Korea about Dokto. That's because Dokto does NOT CURRENTLY belong to Korea, NOR Japan. It belongs to the United States of America military. We acquired all land of the former Japanese Empire as winners of WWII (check it out), and we have yet to decide Dokto's fate. So if Korea wants Dokto, they better come asking us, and can not ***** about what Japan says, because as far as Korean claims, that is just "words" as well.

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