Top Rank Latin Fury Card on May 8th Question? "The Tijuana Tornado" vs. "La Amenaza" Margarito's boxing return?

Top Rank Latin Fury Pay Per View

Mexico Saturday May 8, 2009 on PPV

Antonio Margarito vs. Roberto Garcia (10 or 12 Rounds)

Jorge Solis vs. Mario Santiago ( WBA Interim Junior Lightweight Title)

Brandon Rios vs. Urbano Antillon (10 Rounds)

Alonso Lopez vs. TBA, 4 rounds, flyweights

On May 8th there will be a Latin Fury Card in Mexico that is featuring the return of

Antonio Margarito to fight Roberto Garcia a local prospect here in Texas in my area

a few of my friends have seen him fight and he's got some potential to be improve &

be a good boxer. The boxing undercard has some good boxers currently are signed

to Top Rank Jorge Solis who's only loss was to Manny Pacquiao back in 2007 and

Brandon Rios and Urbano Antillon who are both good boxers are scheduled to have

a match at Lightweight even with all of this boxing action you'all still would not pay

to see this boxing card on pay per view? I know he cheated the fans but we do not

know how long he cheated to my knowledge he only cheated in the Miguel Cotto

fight in 2008 and he tried to cheat against Shane Mosley in 2009 but he got busted

and caught and he was suppose to return on March 13th to fight Carson Jones on

the Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua "The Hitter" Clottey card the fight got canceled so

even with that being said nobody would be interested in seeing this Top Rank card?

BQ:] Has anyone heard about a boxer from Mexico named Saul "El Canelo" Alvarez

this kid turned pro when he was just 15 years old and he's 19 years old now and he

just got signed to Golden Boy Promotions. He's rumored to have more wins than 30

that weren't counted yet in the books. Oscar De La Hoya says that he has some

great potential to be a great boxer and future world champion in boxing. Thoughts?

Note: Saul Alvarez vs. Jose Miguel Cotto (May 1 on Mosley-Mayweather undercard.


Mark-Andrew M 2 RE:] Tony Margarito did cheat in the Miguel Cotto fight back in 08' I remember seeing a picture they showed on the Miguel Cotto vs. Manny Pacquiao pay per view event last November. And I remember the picture showed Antonio Margarito celebrating after his victory against Cotto both of his gloves were off and the white wrapping around his hands showed a light brown plaster on the white wrapping they even

showed the picture upclose and I could

clearly see that there was some kind of brown plaster on the hand wrapping that

is PROOF that Antonio Margarito did in

FACT CHEAT in the Miguel Cotto bout because also his corner did not check on the opponent while they were putting on his gloves much like Mosley's corner

did back in January 2009. So there you go thats your explanation. I ask this what

about all of his other wins against some big name opponents Kermit Cintron (2)

Joshua Clottey again I specify we don't know yet how long Antonio Margarito was cheating in boxing.....

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    I will definitely not order that fight- if it was available to watch on HBO or Showtime, I would definitely watch it but to ask me to pay $50 (or even $20) to watch a known cheater (who was knocked out in his last fight) have his comeback bout against a fringe contender who has virtually no chance to win is simply not worth it. Also, no one knows for sure if Margarito cheated in the Cotto fight, although many speculate that he did but as far as we know, he only attempted to cheat prior to the Shane Mosley loss. As far as the under-card goes, it's decent but still not worth $50 in my eyes. Brandon Rios vs. Urbano Antillon promises to be an exciting fight but I still remember Antillon as the guy who froze up in his biggest fight and was stopped by Miguel Acosta, and Jorge Solis vs. Mario Santiago looks like it will be a decent scrap but the fact that it's for one of these "interim" titles turns me off to it- the true WBA junior lightweight champion is Takashi Uchiyama and until someone defeats him, there should not be another fighter recognized as WBA champ. Plus, Santiago is coming off a 1-sided loss in his last fight and I remember Solis as the guy who was knocked out by Manny Pacquiao (no shame there) and lost a very dirty fight in his only legitimate world title fight against a guy that he had already beaten in Cristobal Cruz for the IBF featherweight title. So, in short, it's a decent card with some good match-ups on paper but I'm not interested in it nearly enough for me to fork over 50 bucks to see it.

    Yes, I have heard of Saul Alvarez and I have seen him fight a few times- he is 1 of the brightest prospects in all of boxing and he looks like a future world champion, just like Oscar De La Hoya said. He looks like the real deal and he has slowly but surely been increasing his level of opposition and he has been rising to the occasion against that increased opposition. As you mentioned, his next fight is scheduled to be against Jose Cotto (brother of Miguel Cotto) on May 1st and that will surely be his toughest test to date because Cotto has twice challenged for a lightweight world title and he was competitive in both bouts (a decision loss to Juan Diaz and a draw with Prawet Singwancha). If Alvarez can win and look good against Cotto, it will undoubtedly help his case in becoming a bonafide contender and future star/world champion in the sport.

    EDIT: That picture is not proof- all it showed was a PINK (not brown) substance on his hand-wraps, which could have been his own blood since it is possible to break the skin on your knuckles even with the padding of a glove and your hands being wrapped properly. Unless you were there and inspected his hand-wraps, then you don't in fact know that he cheated in that fight- Jim Lampley even asked Emanuel Steward (who trained Kermit Cintron for his rematch against Antonio Margarito) and Steward stated that he never saw anything like it but when Lampley asked if it was proof that he cheated, Steward didn't give an answer because he knew that it wasn't enough proof to show that he cheated. And coming from Steward, I believe him over you because he trained a guy who was destroyed by Margarito, so if he really wanted to get back at him, he could have easily said, "yes it is proof that he cheated and he probably did it in the Kermit Cintron fight too", but Steward didn't lie and told the truth. There is no proof that he cheated against Joshua Clottey or Kermit Cintron- the latter has a very weak mental makeup and even quit in his first fight against Margarito and Tony has the compubox record for most punches thrown in a 12 round fight against Clottey, so I would assume if he cheated in that fight, it would have shown in Clottey's face and it didn't. I'm not trying to take Margarito's side in this but the fact of the matter is that he was only caught trying to cheat prior to his loss to Shane Mosley, anything else that we say or see in pictures only fuels speculation and nothing more- until we see definitive proof or he admits that he cheated against Cotto, we won't know for sure. You are correct in the sense that we don't know how long Margarito has cheated in boxing of if he ever has because trying to do something is not the same as doing it and he only tried to cheat against Mosley (which is enough wrongdoing in itself). I would also like to point out that Cotto didn't lose to Margarito because of hand-wraps, he lost to him because he hit Margarito with everything he had and it didn't even budge him one bit (and you can't put plaster of paris in your chin)- it discouraged him so much to the point that he stopped fighting back and just took his beating to the point where he went down without even being hit.

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    What's up GL. I like the card as it is right now. Rigondeaux vs Ramos is a very good fight, and the winner will probaly be a possible Donaire opponent in the near future. Wolak always puts on fun fights, so whoever he is in I'm sure it will be entertaining. Mike Jones is going to fight Sebastian Lujan for sure I just read, and that is a good fight and test for Jones. Lujan is a vet and has a good winning streak going at the moment. I've never seen Mike Lee fight before, but he's getting a lot of publicity, so if he does fight on the televised undercard I'd be interested. BQ: I'd love to see Gamboa fight Chris John. I consider Gamboa the man at 126lb, even though John is the longest reigning titleholder in Boxing, and has been at that weight since something like 2004. John just doesn't fight outside of Indonesia and his competition is weak considering how long he has been a champion. Love to see this fight, but John isn't gonna come over to the US and face a killer like Gamboa.

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    1) I have not interest in Latin Fury 14 , mainly because of Margarito. I did not buy Pacquiao/ Clottey because I felt the outcome was a forgone conclusion (which it was). I love boxing but Arum has to do better for my money.

    BQ: I not only know of Alvarez, I have seen him fight and he is the goods. With Golden Boy he will have every oppertunity to be a star.

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    I am glad that Margarito is on the card because I never heard of any of those other fighters.

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