Which Ap World History review book should I buy?

Hello. I am taking AP World history, and I forgot most of the first semester material even though I got an unweighted B first semester.I am aiming for a score of atleast 4 out of 5 on the AP test. Should I just read review books and not study my textbook at all? I am buying the Princeton Review 2010 book for apwh for sure. One of my friends suggested I buy the rea world history book also, but I haven't read any stellar reviews. The book itself is 768 pages, which I think I can read in the next six weeks before the test. Do you think I should get Princeton Review and 5 steps to a 5 or Princeton Review and REA world history? Thanks for reading =]]

Also-- Does anyone know if the Princeton review has sample dbqs and change over time essays?


oh i just bought the princeton review and barrons from amazon. Good choice or bad? Im using traditions and encounters and its almost five hundred pages of material I have to reread.

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    I'm taking AP World History this year and I strongly recommend getting the Princeton Review it was a requirement for me and I'm glad it was it's amazing and yes it does have sample DBQ's, ccot's, and comparative essays as well as tips on how to write the exams. The Princeton Review also highlights key facts and components of each civilization as well as comparisons and differences. I think you should get Princeton Review and 5 steps to a 5 because the REA would just be another Princeton Review. I don't think you should ignore your textbook altogether because the Princeton Review highlights general ideas and the big picture your textbook probably has tons of details perfect for the essays. Good luck on the AP test.

    Source(s): Taking the AP World History exam on May 13.
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