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science question

1: what is function of cornea?

2: what is function of retina?

3: what is function of lens?

4: what is function of optic nerve?


2. Mr.Wong and Jimmy are playing football. Timmy kicks football and it flies towards the goal. Mr.Wong, standing in front of the goal, stares firmly at the football.

a) which part of the eye is responsible for the formation of sharp images on the retina? Explain how it works?

b) As the football flies towards Mr.Wong, what changes take place in his eyeballs? Describe the changes briefly.

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    1)the function of cornea is to refract light rays into pupil,the function of retina is to detect light ray with those million of light sensitive cell on it.the function of lens is to focus th ray onto the retina.the function of optic nerve is to direct transmit the implus to the cerebral cortex to interprete.

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