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Tim Bradley vs Luis Carlos Abregu , a high risk fight for Tim?

Has anyone watched Luis Carlos Abregu fighting before?I watched him fighting tonight in one of his previous fights and i am very impressed. This man is too tall for the division with a solid chin and his punches could KO a mule. I think Tim's team is taking a very dangerous fight against the undefeated Luis Carlos.

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    Yes, I've seen him fight and he is a pretty good fighter but I was not overly impressed with him and I think Timothy Bradley has the stuff to defeat him when they fight later this year. His chin is decent but it's not that solid because I saw his last fight and he was dropped pretty hard by Richard Gutierrez in a fight that he returned the favor by dropping Gutierrez and went on to win by unanimous decision.

    Bradley has much better all-around boxing skills and has proven himself to be the real deal at junior welterweight and he is on the verge of becoming a top 10 pound for pound fighter (some claim he is already there now), and it looks like Bradley has the stuff to be a multiple division world champion. Abregu has not fought nearly as good opposition as Bradley has- Abregu has defeated the aforementioned Gutierrez and he squeaked by the fringe contender David Estrada in a split decision of a fight that many felt he deserved to lose (I saw the fight and I thought Abregu won but it was extremely close and could have went the other way). Neither Gutierrez nor Estrada are seen as power punchers but both rocked Abregu hard in their fights against him- his chin is not as solid as you may think it is... But Bradley is not a power puncher and I think Tim will have to rely on his very good boxing skills to get the win in this fight and he will have to get on the inside against the much taller opponent like he did against Lamont Peterson (which was arguably his most complete and best performance to date).

    The fight is definitely not an easy fight for Bradley and it can be considered dangerous but I think Bradley wins it in a clear decision: it's a win-win situation for Bradley anyway because if he wins, he knows he can compete at both 140 and 147 pounds, and if he loses, he goes back down to 140 and continues to defend his title in that division.

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    Abregu is a decent fighter IMO, he is a bit unpolished and his punches can be wide and pushed though he does throw fairly hard punches. I think aside from the size and power difference Bradley is advantageous in every other area and if forced to make a choice I would pick Bradley by a wide decision. I think he is going to give Abregu a boxing lesson.

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