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Audition song for les miserables?

I'm trying out for les mis this summer at a local theater. This particular production is for those 13 to 19 years old and i am 15. This is my first time auditioning for a show at this theater. Does anyone know of any good audition songs that are similar to the style of songs in the show and also can show your acting ability? (There are no acting auditions, just singing and dancing.) I'm a soprano. The lowest note i can generally hit is the A below middle C (sometimes its a little lower than this, but if it is too much lower then it doesn't sound right). The highest note i can hit is the C two octaves above middle C (however, it sometimes sounds a little strained). Any suggestions?

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  • Jess
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    1 decade ago
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    You are so lucky! I'm dying to be in Les Mis! (No pun intended...I'm a Fantine hopeful.) It's always best to sing a song from a musical when auditioning for, well, a musical of course. You want to find a song that suits your voice as well as the style of the show and character you are auditioning for. My first guess is that if you are a soprano, you would be trying to land Cosette or Young Cosette. Well, I'm a soprano as well...shows how much first impressions can be incorrect. "Les Miserables" is written in the adult contemporary style: mostly ballads and has mature content. Think shows like:

    Blood Brothers

    Jekyll and Hyde

    Miss Saigon (same composers as Les Mis)

    Phantom of the Opera

    Spring Awakening (not the best resource for a song because it's not Les Mis-ish musically)

    Sweeney Todd

    As mentioned, look for a good "acting" ballad because Les Mis requires mature actors with strong voices. Start out with these songs:

    Before I Gaze at You Again - Camelot (Cosette)

    God Help the Outcasts - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Fantine) ***"Hunchback" was also written by Victor Hugo, the author of "Les Miserables"!

    I Know Him So Well - Chess (Eponine)

    Ladies Who Lunch - Company (Madame Thenardier)

    Little Lamb - Gypsy (Young Cosette)

    E-mail me if you have any more questions or want more songs; I have a huge repertoire! Break a leg!

    Source(s): Musical Theatre Enthusiast, Soprano *~*Future Fantine*~* my own repertoire
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  • 4 years ago

    It quite is dependent who you're auditioning for! From the knowledge given I could say sing anything men and women quite often do not feel of. Not mainstream musicals like Wicked or Grease or some thing like that. Something long-established like "There's a pleasant, pleasant line" from Avenue Q or "My Man" from Funny Girl. Think of a few much less recognized musicals that you just like and select a music that you just feel you might sing good. I picked "Electricity" from Billy Elliot. But I was once auditioning for younger Cosette so it perhaps distinctive.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ARG! i wrote an answer and then screwed up posting it, and now it's gone

    anyway, you are a lot like me (age, vocal range), so I'll help as well as I can.

    My White Night (music Man)

    Think of me (Phantom of the Opera) (It might be too overdone)

    Vanilla Ice Cream (She Loves Me)

    The Sound of Music

    You'll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)

    Out of my Dreams (Oklahoma)

    I Have Dreamed (The King and I)

    Moonfall (The Mystery of Edwin Drood)

    So in Love (Kiss me kate)

    that's what I can come up with for now

    but break a leg, and rock that audition!

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  • 1 decade ago

    try looking for soprano songs at this website

    remember, pick a song that is not overdone, no wicked, oliver, legally blonde, things like that, pick a song that wont be something the auditioners have not already heard 6 times that day.

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