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Looking for name of Time Stopping Movie?

The movie looked like an 80's film. It was where a woman found a box while gardening. Inside the box was a necklace. When she wears it and says "shut up" time COMPLETELY STOPS. and when she says "okay" everything goes back to normal. What is this movie?? There was a scene where she's in the market and she fights over cereal with another wife. They fight and she yells SHUT UP, and the market freezes in time. She walked out of there like nothing without paying for the groceries.

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    The Twilight Zone

    "A Little Peace and Quiet"

    IMDb review:

    A suburban housewife (Melinda Dillon) in California with four children who's over worked and just stressed out. I mean this woman has to do everything from cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, shopping, and babysitting. It's just too much! She never has a moment of silence or time for herself. Then one day in the lawn she finds a golden medallion and puts it around her neck, only to find it has special powers: It can freeze time and motion! Now that finally is something she can use to her advantage. This episode really captured the times of 1985 from a political and cultural standpoint also, with the arms race between the United States and the U.S.S.R. a hot topic and the threat of missile and nuclear war, this episode took from that making it a nice watch for history buffs the way it's done. So when the media tells of the missile that's headed for the United States, only the mighty medallion can help. Yet, as the old saying goes, you can't always get what you want, and things come to an end. As the episode ends it serves a good purpose, but this is a moment that will stay frozen forever. It ends as the viewer thinks what decision should be made.

    Here's Part 1 on YouTube:

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    The other part of the hourlong episode is "Shatterday", starring Bruce Willis. It aired as Episode 1 of Season 1 on September 27, 1985.

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