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Is it possible to become a graphic designer with a studio art degree?

I was recently accepted to a state school that offers a studio art program but no other art majors. I'm wondering if it is possible to obtain the studio art degree while working towards a portfolio and graphic design "concentration" while not actually obtaining a graphic design degree. Is it very important to employers that graphic designers have a graphic design degree or is studio art a suitable substitute?

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    Absolutely you can find work with that degree. I have been working as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years with a BFA. Employers just want you to have a Bachelors to prove you have professional training. The trick is 2 things, you need to learn the basic programs like Photo shop, In design, and Illustrator. I mean really know them! So don't spend all of your time in the pottery room. Then using your Talent, Nitch, Skill. Start producing work using those tools. That brings me to thing 2 (Portfolio!) this is the only thing that will get you a job, not a resume or a degree but what makes you better then the guy that interviewed before you got there.

    One more thing that I highly recommend new Graphic Designers do. Learn the Web! Think of it as just one more media.

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    Apply at the local newspaper to do ad layouts. Its an entry level job and a foot in the door. Also apply at Kinkos or a printing company, you can get a lot of computer knowledge there that you're going to NEED as a designer: What file formats are compatable, basic tech support, formatting for print and press-ready products. That and when you move on, you'll have an "In" with a printer. The fewer people companies have to deal with, the more likely they are to use your services, most CEO want to just throw money at something to get it done, so you're best off if you learn to deal with the printers(and you can get kickbacks from the printer). You're going to have a tough time of it if you're not computer saavy and don't know HTML, but you can get by doing brochures and such. Start a freelance business that caters to small businesses who need advertising & don't have a lot of money. I went to school(AIS), but frankly I paid WAY too much for it. Your portfolio is the most important thing you'll ever have as a designer. Develop a good portfolio. You'll need to know your way around at least Adobe CS to get by (Photoshop and Illustrator or other vector program). No worries: They're fun to work with. Never EVER miss a deadline, especially if you're freelancing.

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