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West Point Or ROTC????????

which option is the best if you want to stay in the military or in terms of getting a good civilian job in the future

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  • Tom
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    For the Army, West Point. Since about 20% of Army officers are West Point graduates, it is sort of like an old boy's network within the officer's ranks. Academy grads look out for other Academy grads. This is no different from Princeton Grads feeling a stronger bond to a person hitherto unknown who one learns is a Princeton Grad than to another hitherto unknown person whom one learns is a Rutgers Grad. When 20% of officers share this common bond, it can be helpful in a way that is not as common in the civilian world.

    For a civilian job in the future, it depends on which University that offers Rotc is being compared to West Point, and the type of civilian job. If graduate or professional school is involved as preparation for the civilian job, then ability to gain admission to the desired graduate or professional school as a West Point graduate versus a graduate of another highly selective university is a consideration. The choice of an Academic Major and relevance to a civilian job or planned graduate program is also a consideration as the choice of majors is much wider at most colleges than it is at West Point. I believe these are some of the relevant considerations.

    Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
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    West Point ! I don't know why you would try to compare the two. West Point, like Annapolis, the Air Force Academy, and even the Citadel, are elite schools for military and academic learning. ROTC is a curriculum offered by many schools to familiarize students who are interested in a military enlistment or career, but it's not something that students live and breathe for four years, as do cadets in the academies!

  • MSG_A
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    If you want to be a general, West Point. If you want a more 'normal' college experience, ROTC. As someone else pointed out, the assignment you have after graduation will have a bearing on your employability...but so will your performance and major in school. I am a Naval Academy (BEAT ARMY!) graduate who spent my service years in the Marine Corps as an infantry officer. When I got out, Murder Inc. wasn't hiring, so my engineering degree came in very handy.

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    West Point. But ROTC will give you the same thing.

    The biggest thing that will help you in your civilian life will be the job that you are performing in while active duty, and your evaluations you get. Don't forget social networking, which will help you so much after you get out.

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  • Anonymous
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    West Point will be better as it is far more prestigious than regular ROTC.

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    West Point. No doubt about it

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    west point

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