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What is acute pyelonephritis?

I got discharge from the hospital with an diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis today. I was in there from March 26 to today.

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    Urine infections are sort of "graded".

    Since almost all originate "there", the bacteria first past the bladder. If It's infected, symptoms are mild and treatment is usually with pills.

    If the bacteria move "upstream", gets to kidneys. Now you got pyelonephritis. The symptoms include high (104-105) spiking fevers, back pain, and vomiting. this is usually treated IN the hospital with IV antibiotics.

    Acute just means it came about recently.

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    Acute pyelonephritis is an infection of the top urinary tract, particularly the renal parenchyma and renal pelvis. Acute pyelonephritis is seen person-friendly if the an infection is brought about via a common pathogen in an immunocompetent affected person who has universal urinary tract anatomy and renal function. Misdiagnosis can carry approximately sepsis, renal abscesses, and persistent pyelonephritis that would reason secondary high blood pressure and renal failure. probability factors for classy acute pyelonephritis are people who strengthen susceptibility or decrease host reaction to infections.

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    kidney infection.

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