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Are crash-ride cymbals better as crashes or rides?

I have a drum kit with one crash-ride cymbal. I want to get another cymbal, should I get a crash or a ride?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    While crash cymbals are usually in 15" to 19" sizes and crash rides are larger cymbals as ride cymbals. Crash rides are heavier than ride cymbals due to their profiles. Ride cymbals are thinner at their edges, crash rides have thicker edge profiles that makes them heavier. Crash rides are hybrid cymbals that are can be used both as crash and ride. They are louder than ride cymbals with a lot of sustain.

    We suggest that you should get a ride cymbal. A ride cymbal is the center of a cymbal set, usually used to sustain the beat and for grooves. The rest of cymbals in a set should be chosen to match the ride. A good ride cymbal is also statement. Popular sizes of ride cymbals are 20”, 21” and 22”. Ride cymbals that produce a brighter sound and lasts for a long time usually are played on the middle area or bell. Heavier and thicker rides produce more definite sounds. The bell sound on a thicker ride with bright and crisp notes will be great in all genres. Some rides come without a bell at all that are called flat rides. For a crashing ride sound a medium thin will the best. Thin and flat ride cymbals are commonly used for low acoustic situations like jazz.

    We hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Kind of a tough question since it depends on which specific crash/ride you're talking about. I personally would never use a crash/ride as a crash but rather as a "trashy ride". I like my crash cymbals fairly thin with a quick decay and that is far from what a crash/ride delivers. If it were me I wouldn't buy a crash/ride at all since it really does neither job very well, it is a compromise on both ends. A good 20" medium to heavy ride is what I prefer.

  • Mike
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    they're great as both, as the name implies haha! but seriously, a crash/ride is meant for both. you can rock out on it lightly and still be able to throw some crashes in there without washing out the sound too much. but it seems youre really asking whether to get a ride or a crash as a second cymbal.

    id suggest a ride. the large, heavy design will give it good stick definition and a ride is an important piece of any drum set, serving a similar purpose to the hihat.

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