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Will I ever be able to see My Atlanta Braves on TBS again?

I don't know what happen, but I really miss seeing my favorite team!

Why don't the Braves come on TV anymore?

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    TBS airs different MLB games every Sunday and on ocassion you can see the Braves on there. But it's not strictly a Braves telecast Chip Caray does the games for TBS and is a Braves announcer but he's doing the games from a neutral point of view and usually ahs Buck Martinez or Ron Darling as the analyst rather than Joe simpson.

    My guess as to why the Braves aren't on TBS anymore is that Ted Turner no longer owns the team and the new owners probably did not choose to renew their contract with TBS.

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    Your Braves will most likely never be on TBS again. However, every sunday there is one random game on TBS and I believe it is usually like a 2:20 PM start time. So maybe once in a blue moon they'll be on TBS. However, there is also Wednesday Night Baseball on ESPN and there is also a Sunday 8:05 PM game on ESPN every weekend. It used to be the good ole days when the Braves used to be on TBS. I used to watch them every time I visited Florida in the summer.

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