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Are there any trustworthy online stores that sell Jpop mp3's?

There are a lot of good Jpop singles that I'd love to get, but I can't find a good place to purchase the mp3's. I was hoping amazon could help, but it doesn't carry them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    if you tried already . the only one that is safe for mp3 is itunes .the US itunes have some jpop songs but the best is to use itunes japan .they have pretty much all the songs you can possibly want ( the only thing is you need to buy a japanese itunes cards in order to purchase the songs )

    personally when it comes to japanese cds i always buy the actual cds because i love the booklet .if you wanna buy the actual cd without paying a fortune i would advice you (i notice they are 30 to 80 percent cheapper than yesasia)

    i read in the faq they also take request so if they dont have the cd you are looking for try sending them an email.

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    You can find the CD at Amazon. That's where I bought mine. Since they are out of print, you can get them for under $10.

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