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Remove three, add three!!+BQ?

here is my list for boys and girls...please do both boys and girls, please remove 3 of the names you don't like and then add 3 (first and middle name combos)


~Cullen Bennett

~Harrison Oliver

~John Samuel

~Samuel Matthew

~Lane Henry

~William Edward

~Edward Matthew

~Carter Henley

~Eathan Riley

~Riley John


~Madeiline Sophia

~Henley Anne

~Tenley Claire

~Lilly Burke

~Katherine Haileigh

~Lilly Kate

~Lyndon Samantha

~Elizabeth Michelle

~Juliette Love

~Caelin Braley

BQ:Please suggest other names you think I will like based on my taste. (first and middle name combos please)

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  • Clary
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    1 decade ago
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    I love Harrison Oliver and William Edward!


    Cullen Bennett (Both surnames, so it doesn't sound that great)

    Carter Henley

    Eathan Riley (Ethan Riley is cute though)

    Henley Anne

    Tenley Claire

    Lyndon Samantha


    Connor Benjamin

    Henry Cole

    Ethan Joseph

    Hannah Sophie

    Lily Claire

    Samantha Danielle

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Remove(boys): Cullen Bennett, John Samuel, Edward Matthew

    Add(boys): James Riley, Seth Andrew, Mason Alexander

    Remove(girls): Katherine Haileigh, Lyndon Samantha, Caelin Braley

    Add(girls): Ella Marie, Scarlett Rose, Ruby Christine


    Brody Scott

    James Riley

    Riley James

    Mason Alexander

    Scarlett Rose

    Ruby Christine

    Ella Rose

    Madelyn Paige

  • Liv
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    1 decade ago


    John Samuel: You could just switch this around to Samuel John. The name doesn't flow the other way.

    My suggestion: Jameson Henry. Nicknames could be James, Jamie, or Jimmy.

    Lane Henry: I've always considered Lane to be a girl's name. Again, switching it around to be Henry Lane would be nice.

    My suggestion: Lucas Matteo

    Cullen Bennett: Sometimes using a last name as a first name works, but not in this case.

    My suggestion: Charles Brennan. Nicknames could be Charlie or Chuck.

    BQ part 1:

    Names you may like:

    Logan Nicholas

    Nathaniel Marcus

    Adam Jacoby

    Zachery Ian


    Tenley Claire: Tenley is incredibly made up, along with Henley. Claire is okay but I prefer the spelling Clare.

    My suggestion: Tarah Clare.

    Henley Anne: Henley is a type of shirt, not a name. And what would her nickname be? Hen? Not flattering in my book.

    My suggestion: Haley Anne/Annabel.

    Caelin Braley: Caelin looks like a slurred version of Caitlin, and Braley is, again, made up.

    My suggestion: Celine Bridget

    BQ part 2:

    Rosalind Anne

    Angelina Faith

    Annabel Marie

    Leslie Paige

    Now, I can't help myself, I am going to do a quick critic of the other names you have here:

    "Eathan" isn't spelled correctly, and spelling it like that makes you look ignorant; it doesn't make the name more "unique." Ethan is the correct spelling; Ethan Riley is nice.

    Madeiline is not the correct spelling. The spelling of this name depends on how you'd pronounce it.

    [Mad-uh-lyn] would be Madelyn.

    [Mad-uh-line] would be Madeline.

    [Mad-uh-lane] would be Madelaine or Madeleine.

    Lilly can be spelled either way, but I much prefer the spelling with one L, Lily.

    Katherine "Haileigh" would be nice if you spelled the second name in a prettier way. There are many ways to spell this name without making it look ridiculous: Haley, Hayley, Hailey.

    Lyndon is not a girl's name, it's a last name. Samantha is really nice, maybe you should consider making it Samantha Lyndon.

    I hope I didn't come across as harsh, just trying to help (:

  • 1 decade ago

    Cullen Bennet

    Lane Henry

    Carter Henley

    Eathan Riley

    Riley John

    Edward Matthew

    Dryden Andrew

    Andrew Preston

    Aaron Kenneth

    Henley Anne

    Madeline Sophia

    Tenley Claire

    Lilly Burke

    Lilly Kate

    Lyndon Samantha

    Juliette Love

    Briar Mackenzie

    Lyric Kaityn

    Olive Rebbecca

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    Remove - Lane Henry (never liked the named Lane), Harrison Oliver (Harrison is a last name) & Eathan Riley (would be OK if spelled Ethan)

    Add - Alexander Scott, Callum Patrick & Harper John


    Remove - Lyndon Samantha (unless you're a fan of Lyndon B. Johnson, it's not feminine sounding at all), Caelin Braley (both of these sound made up) & Juliette Love (way too Romeo & Juliet for me)

    Add - Mariella Claire, Avery Elisabeth, & Isla Rose


    Blaire Olivia

  • 1 decade ago



    Cullen Bennett - it sounds quite villainous if I put it in the nicest way

    William Edward - I think this a bit old fashioned but thats just my opinion

    Lane Henry - Lane doesn't really sound like a name, i can't imagine calling up the stairs to a 'Lane' or writing a birthday card.


    Riley James - I see you like the name Riley and also I noticed you like more traditional names like Edward and Henry so I thought Riley James would suit you perfectly :)

    Liam Edward - Instead of William Edward, I shortened it to Liam as it's a variation of the name and also, as you have used Edward twice, I guess you're keen on the name so you can keep it with modernising it a little :)

    Harry Joseph - I also altered one of your original names 'Harrison' to Harry as he is more likely to be nicknamed this anyway, again also I chose a traditional name to go with your taste :)



    Henley Anne- Im really not keen on the name Henley, it sounds to me quite masculine and it doesn't really work with Anne as Anne is such a traditional feminine name

    Tenley Claire - Again, not too keen on the Tenley but I do like Claire as a middle name

    Lyndon Samantha - Also, Lyndon to me sounds like a boys name but again it's just my opinion, I love the name Samantha though.


    Lilly Katherine - working with names from your list, I think Lilly Katherine sounds beautiful and I also like Lilly Kate which you already have in there.

    Ava Madelyn - I love the name Madelyn but I think it's put with Sophia a lot and so if you're looking for unique then you could use Madelyn as the middle name so that she's not in a class full of Maddy's :) Ava is also one of my favourite names and it's so sweet and simple

    Libby Michelle - Libby is a shortened version of Elizabeth and varies from the nickname 'Lizzie' it also flows really well with Michelle and would grow well on a little girl :)

    hope this helped :)

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    ~Cullen Bennett ADORABLE Irish name!!!

    ~John Samuel (I would call him Jack for short)

    ~Samuel Matthew

    ~William Edward

    ~Edward Matthew

    ~Eathan Riley


    Charles (Charlie) Patrick

    Patrick Sebastien

    Kieran Francis

    Joseph Campian



    ~Madeline Sophia

    ~Lilly Burke (cute!)

    ~Katherine Haileigh

    ~Lilly Kate (I like Kate better than Burke)

    ~Elizabeth Michelle (Elizabeth is a great name cuz there are so many cute nicknames!)

    ~Juliette Love (I love Juliette!)


    Rachel Leonie

    Shannon Michelle

    Daisy Faye

  • 1 decade ago


    girls: Abriel MacKenzie, Victoria Reese, Brighton Skylar...

    boys: Charles Simon, Alexander Jude, Zachary Micah...


    girls: Lyndon Samantha, Caelin Braley, Elizabeth Michelle...

    boys: Eathan Riley, I like Matthew Samuel better so Samuel Matthew, & John Samuel (it's so old 1776ish).

  • Jessa.
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    1 decade ago


    *Lane Henry - Hate Lane for a boy. Love Henry though. It flows well.

    Lane Henry -> Lance Henry

    *Samuel Matthew - Doesn't flow well, and I hate Samuel. I really like Matthew.

    Samuel Matthew -> Sebastien Matthew

    *John Samuel - Just because I hate Samuel. It doesn't flow that well. I love John, though.

    John Samuel -> John Salvador

    The only reason I didn't change much is because I always liked half of the name.


    *Henley Anne - I don't like Henley at all. I like Anne a lot, especially the spelling. I only like Anne with an 'E'.

    Henley Anne -> Hayley Anne (my sister's name =] You could change the spelling of Hayley

    *Tenley Claire - Hate Tenley. Claire is really pretty, I really like it. The name flows really well.

    Tenley Claire -> Tierney Claire (Tierney is Irish, pronounced TEER-nee)

    * Caelin Braley - I just don't like this name at all.

    Caelin Braley ->

    > Catelin Blakely

    > Carin Becky

    > Cathrin Beatrice

    > Corinne Brielle

    >Caela/Cayla Beatrix/Bellatrix

    BQ: This is really tough. You seem to have a wide variety of taste. For the boys you seem to like old fashioned names, so that will be easier, but your taste is all over for the girls. You seem to like trendier, more unique names for the girls. I'll give it a try.


    Harry Michael

    David James

    Joseph "Joey" Daniel

    William Robert

    Richard Willis

    Eric Wallace

    Kent Riley

    Lucas Carter

    Lucas Daniel

    Michael Richard

    Davis Oakley

    Byron Wesley

    Collin Graham

    Cedric Jefferson

    Wyatt Eldon

    Though I did come up with about half myself, this website was really helpful:


    Ivy Scarlett

    Elena Juliet

    Delilah Grace

    Cadence Lynn

    Amelie Joy (ah-may-LEE, it's French =)

    Aurora Wynne

    Lillian Faith

    Jessa May

    Renee Hope (ren-AY)

    Kayla Lee

    Maya Belle (MY-uh)

    Jordyn Cady

    Lilah Carrington (CARE-ing-ton)

    Carys Eve (CARE-iss) [CArys Eve is cool because CArys is Welsh and means 'To Love' while Eve is Hebrew and means 'Life'. 'To Love Lufe' would be the full names meaning.

    Few! That took me a while!

    Good luck!

    Source(s): =)
  • Emmiie
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    1 decade ago


    ~REMOVE- Edward Matthew, John Samuel, and Riley John.

    ~ADD- Ethan Issac, Nicholas Samuel, Camden Riley


    ~REMOVE- Lilly Burke, Tenley Claire, and Lyndon Samantha.

    ~ADD- Claire Abigail, Lydia Charlotte, and Catlin Grace.

    BQ: (see names i suggested to add)


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