Where should I go next year?

So, after great disappointment over my rejections, I've started to look towards which school I want to attend next year. If you got into this list of schools, which one would you pick?

All of the schools I have been accepted into:

-University of Portland

-University of Utah (in Honors Program)

-Bryn Mawr


-Lewis & Clark

-Sarah Lawrence

Some things to consider:

-I plan on applying as a transfer to Vassar and Colgate next year, if that influences your vote.

-Despite the great community, music scene, freedom of choice in study, and proximity to NYC, I am am not convinced that I will be able to keep up with the loose structure of Sarah Lawrence. They did, however, give me a $12,000 scholarship that is renewable for 3 years.

-My entire family (other than my immediate family that live here) reside in UT. Normally, this would be okay, but I do not get along with most of my family and do not want to have them breathing down my neck for money, time, etc. That's just one stress I feel that I do not need on top of my studies in college.

-I really liked the University of Portland when I visited the school, but I fear that because they are not listed on most school rating websites that their name is not known well enough to seem impressive on a transfer application. I was, however, given a scholarship for $56,000 for 4 years.

-I have gone to an all girls school for the past 8 years and feel that I want to move on to a Co-Ed institution. But at the same time, I do not want to write off Smith or Bryn Mawr just because of that, because they are considerably the best schools on my list. On this note, however, I will say that I am not too fond of the personality of the typical Bryn Mawr student. I apologize in advance if you are close with a Bryn Mawr student, or are one yourself, but in my experience I have never met one that was slightly interesting. On the other hand, Bryn Mawr has the best dorms on my entire list (minus some of the University of Utah's Honors housing).


UPDATE: I have actually taken Sarah Lawrence off of my list completely because I feel it would be too difficult to transfer out of the school. Plus, the expenses of paying the high tuition as well as paying for the lifestyle in the city is too much for my family to handle.

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    If it was me I would take the scholarship to Portland because I wouldn't want a lot of student loans. especially if you plan on transferring. But Sarah Lawrence of course is a better name. However, if you need structure, it may not be the best fit from what I researched. How much cash are you able to pay for school? I wouldn't want to take out too much in student loans. I'm assuming since you were looking at SL you are a liberal arts major?

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    Take the one where you can graduate with the least debt. That will leave doors open for you at the end.

    Also, Bryn Mawr and Smith are better schools than Vassar and Colgate, btw.

    Good luck.

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    Sarah Lawrence is awesome and you are lucky to get the scholorship. I really want to go there but its a liberal college.

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