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Michigan State -vs- West Virginia NCAA final?

West Virginia's ability to defend the parimeter and it's stingy defense and long athlete's that shuts down passing lanes will get them past Duke.

Michigan State...simply have the depth that Butler doesnt have and that'll be the winning outcome for Michigan State.

Now the West Virginia-Michigan State game....honestly I see OT game in this one. Who would win...anybody guess...awesome match-up I see in Championship game. Your thoughts

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    West Va has the height and athletism advantage they blow out whoever the left bracket is West Va by 12 .

    Their task is to beat Duke - one I hope they succeed with.

    now Butler v Mich State - I think will be a close game.

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    Completely wrong.

    Butler will beat Michigan State. You think they dont have depth? Wrong again. They have a team that can put people in any situation and they will produce. They have the defense to take on any team in the tournament. No one has scored more than 60 points on them yet. Even when Matt Howard gets in foul trouble they can sit him for an extended period of time and not miss a beat. If you think that a team who can beat Syracuse and Kansas State and does not have depth will lose to a team that is missing its best player due to injury you are nuts.

    Butler vs West Virginia in the finals

    Butler wins

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    wv all the wayyyy!

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