How long can I collect NJ unemployment benefits? Been out of work for almost a year?


Was on unemployment for 6months (may-nov) then had extension for 20 weeks- so I think eligible for another 13

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  • CarolO
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    1 decade ago
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    Are you currently collecting UI benefits? If so, your first round of benefits probably lasted 6 months. Your Tier 1 extension probably lasted an additional 20 weeks. Your Tier 2 extension probably lasted 14 weeks, your Tier 3 extension will probably last 13 weeks and your Tier 4 extension will probably last 6 weeks.

    All I can say is "probably" because you didn't tell us what Tier you're on now or if you worked part-time at any point during the last year or even if you're on UI now.

    I suggest that you either go to NJ's UI website or call and ask them about your specific situation.

  • 1 decade ago

    You only collect 26 weeks (which need not be consecutive) of state unemployment benefits. The benefits that you have been collecting since then were actually federally funded extended benefits, which were distributed by the state for administrative reasons, but were actually not state benefits.

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