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Does the Kurds have the same freedom they have in Turkey in other countries such as Iran, Iraq & Syria?

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    Thank you for such an interesting question.

    No they don't, Kurds living in Turkey are Turkish citizens and have the equal rights as any Turkish citizen. I believe they have no voting rights in the countries you have mentioned and they are treated as a second class citizen yet they are terrorizing Turkish people here in Turkey.

    What would you call such people?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    As far as I know, NO they dont.

    Because here in Turkey they are regular citizens with the same rights as all other ethnic groups living in Turkey.

    Besides, Turkey is a well developed and democratic country. I am not saying that we are perfect, but we made a huge progress in human rights and freedom and they are entitled to take advantage of everything just like every other citizen, however they are telling other stories, but intelligent and well educated people with a little bit of open mind understand their cheap game against Turkey. I have kurdish friend and they do not agree with the terrorist group of theirs because its an artificially created problem just to cause trouble and keep Turkey busy and slow down their developing and growth. The sad thing is, that many kurds did not get the actual point here and got carried away with their "so called fight for freedom". Which freedom? What power or who keeps you from living a regular life in Turkey?They dont know themselves anymore because it got out of control, even got out of the control of americas control- the main creator of this trouble. We have kurdish in laws and most of their kids are very well educated and living a nice life here in Turkey.

    BTW...Our late president Ozal was a kurd, many ruling politicians are kurds? How did they make till there?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    they have the same rights as a turkish person, in written law. however practically they are deprived from some equalities, mostly in social life. they're not accepted by the rest of the society, not just by turks, by every other minority; arabs, christians, lazs... that's a social issue, government didnt create the problem, but it doesnt do much to solve it as well.

    but you're talking about iran, irak and syria, they have more rights and freedom than in those 3. for sure!

    if not, all the people (including kurds) of esp iran and irak wouldnt come to turkey-mostly illegally.

  • Kurdish language illegal in Turkey. Be Kurd illegal in Turkey. This not fair because Kurd our Muslim brotheriyes.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    kurds who?

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