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John asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

SCAR 是那些字的縮寫


Not Acceptable : Immediate SCAR

Acceptable: meet requirement

Acceptable: exceed requirement



To Jenny:

This is a audit form for supplier and there are three measurement score including that as above mentioned.

Update 2:

In the first category re: Not Acceptable, the requested action to supplier is "immediate SCAR". I think the "Supplier Corrective Action Request" you said seems to meet the meanings, but I can't make sure whethe it's right.

Update 3:

Would you please reconfirm it and give me a hand to advise it ? Thanks for your assistances in advance.

Best to you,

John Lin

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    我想在此 SCAR 可能是指:

    Supplier Corrective Action Request

    2010-04-05 11:01:02 補充:

    如你所說的解釋, SCAR 在此應是Supplier Corrective Action Request 供應商糾正措施需求單

    意即如不合評量需求, 則立即要求供應商改正

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