Who got into Townsend Harris HS? (and additional questions...)?

I just found out today that I got in and wanted to see if anybody else got in. Also, if you're a current student there, can you help me clear up some questions?

1)Is the gym program really as incredibly hard as they say? Any tips?

2)Is there an "acceptance test?" or an admissions test? Because I heard that once you are accepted you need to take a test...

3)What is zero-band? Does school really start at 7am once a week?!

4) I already took the bio regents, and at the end of eighth grade, I will have completed the Earth Science regents, Int. Algebra, and Spanish Pro. test, so will I be put in advanced classes?

*any additional "heads-ups" would be helpful!

Thanks x0x0


Whats the homework like? (realistically) 1-2 hrs... 3-4... 5+?!?!

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    I go there now.

    1. It's Ms. Nix (also the dean) that's hard. But you know what? She's a real sweetheart and you'll get some nice, strong muscles)

    2. No acceptance test, although i sometimes think there ought to be one (but that's another matter)

    3. Yes. Apparently, every once in a while, there are PM labs but I've never gotten one. I'm actually happy i didn't though because then i can't go to club that day.

    4. Yup!

    Homework can be killer or really relaxing. It all depends on you, your schedule, and your teachers. (AP US takes 2+ hours, but that's junior year)

    The kids at Harris are really nice. The ethnic breakdown is around half white, half asian. But if you really ask, it gets complicated.

    You can either love or hate Townsend, or be too sleep deprived to care. Good luck!

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  • 3 years ago

    its quite effortless to get into . attempt to get the first-class grades viable however its quite now not all that tough in spite of what ppl say. i received my prime college outcome again and that i ought to select among townsend harris and bronx technological know-how. townsend harris is a first-class college however my buddy who has a 88 ordinary for technological know-how nonetheless received in. i didnt consider i had a danger because ppl had been telling me i wished a ninety eight ordinary a minimum of however i handiest had a ninety four ishh 95ish ordinary . well success and btw they appear at ur seventh grade document card.

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