What size drill should I use to increase hole size in grill orifice to convert it to natural gas from propane?

I have a propane gas grill and want to convert it to burn natural gas. I know the present orifice is too small for natural gas and the hole must be made larger and air adjusted to acommodate for lower natural gas pressure. What size is the hole in a natural gas orifice for an outside grill so I can determine what size drill bit to use?

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    You need to contact the manufacturer for a conversion kit. The most important thing in that conversion kit is a new rating plate for the appliance. This certifies that the manufacturer has "approved" the appliance for use with that fuel. 15 years ago we could just drill out orifices and away you go, but those days are long gone! The liability is too great.

    If you "Mcgyver" the grill and convert it yourself, you better pray long and hard that no one gets hurt by that thing or it causes a fire! Insurance companies will deny any claims and the manufacturer will take no responsibility because you have "altered" the appliance.

    Trust me! It's not worth the risk! Either get an approved conversion kit or just replace the grill with a new natural gas model.

    Source(s): 21 years experience in the propane business and a licenced gas fitter.
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    Natural Gas Orifice Chart

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    I heard from 1/16 to 1/8. I'm going to start with the 1/16 and see how it burns. Right now, I just took orifices out and it burns but not a nice blue flame. Gotta drill orifices out and screw back in without any orifice, it works...just have to turn it way down

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    As a person that works at Home Depot, in the garden dept. where the grilles are.I HIGHLY recommend not doing that because you will only cause yourself or others harm. you need to call and see if they have a kit to do that if not Buy new grille A Brinkman can be either propane or natural

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    If you knew how many BTUs/cu ft the propane was worth (in the neighborhood of 2500), and the BTUs/cu ft of the local NG (in the neighborhood of 1050) and the size of the existing orifice, you might be able to figure out the ratio & puzzle it out.

    It would be much simpler to call the manufacturer of the grill & see if they have a conversion kit - the primary item in such a kit would be... a replacement orifice. Or (less likely) they might tell you what size to drill it to.

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    it is not as easy as drilling the burner orifice out. the pressure regulator is not the same from lp gas to natural gas. the regulator needs to be converted and or replaced. once a conversion is done, the grill must be properly adjusted to burn correctly. i highly reccommend a preffessional, best of luck -

    Source(s): gas utility serviceman / master plumber
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    Go ahead if you want to blow yourself up. This should be done by a trained gas technician, this is NOT a DIYer. Special factory set parts need to be installed, not holes drilled.

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    2 inch

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    If you take any advice from people on here... You will probably end up exploding - Call a professional and either have them do it, or ask them - They will give you the best advice.

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