If you get sentenced to do 3 years in prison, how much time do you have to do?

my hubby is looking at 3 years in Harris County Jail in Texas

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, a lot depends on what he was convicted of. Some crimes are not eligible for parole or the collection of "good time" to reduce a sentence.

    Below is a link to a pamphlet put out by the Texas Corrections folks and is about parole and good time and calendar time.


    I see your husband is in a County Jail instead of the State Prison system; this may make a difference. Is your husband in jail for a misdemeanor offense? If so, probation might be easier to get. If he is there for a felony, then state rules might apply. There are some phone numbers in the booklet to call to ask more questions.

    Good luck

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    how fast can he run?

    I think he can get a break for not doing anything bad while hes there, and maybe a break if he has no priors.

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