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is my fantasy baseball team any good?

C-Brian McCann

1B-Billy Butler

2B-Aaron Hill

SS-Hanley Ramirez

3B-Pablo Sandoval

OF-Justin Upton

OF-Jacoby Ellsbury

OF-Adam Jones

Util-Hunter Pence

Util-Asdrubal Cabrera

BN-Chris Coghlan

P-Josh Johnson

P-Tommy Hanson

P-Wandy Rodriguez

P-Roy Oswalt

P-Gavin Floyd

BN-J.A. Happ

BN-Kevin Slowey

BN-Jonathan Sanchez

BN-(Twins Closer)

DL-Huston Street

DL-Brandon Webb

any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

i'm in a 10 team head to head with 20 roster slots each

there are a lot of good free agent sleepers still available and trades are always possible

if there is anything you recommend me doing let me know! (my league is for a lottt of money!)


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    Very good team. Solid all the way around.....if i were you I would sell high on butler...his projections are much higher then I think he will do..try to sell butler and coughlan for adrian gonzalez or tex if you can find someone who loves youth....your pitching is solid...if webb can come back soon you should be golden.....try to sell oswalt and floyd for nolasco. Slowey and Sanchez should both break out this year. dont touch your OF, its great....but if i were you i would sell aaron hill while you can sell him high. package him and happ for like a pedroia or brandon phillips. could try to trade hill and happ for ian kinsler while hes on the may be able to grab him cheaper.

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  • you got a pertty good team good choice of DL both great pitchers but what you might need is maybe better second base try getting dan uggla and a better SP like roy haliday or CC sabathia

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    You need to get rid of Joe Nathen. (Twins Closer) His career is over with his injury. Check out my team.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i would say it is like a 5 out of ten since like the fielders are ok and the pitchers lack in areas

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good offensive team. Pitching is great too. So I guess I should say good all around.

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