question about new york tax return?

i did my w2 online with turbo tax from feb.12 and both the federal and the NY personal were accepted. I was supposed to get back four hundred and something. up to now i've only received the federal for $170, which was direct deposit. it's now been almost 2 months and i still haven't received the other tax from the city, which should have been direct deposit! does anyone have the same problem or can tell me what's goin on because turbo tax said it should be deposited in as few as 8 days, its been way over that.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    don't worry, your not the only one. I filed and submitted my tax by mail on feb 07, 2010, and i recieved my federal two weeks later, as of right now, I still have not recieved new york state return yet, if you want, you can go to their website, go to google and type in new york state tax refund status, mine says that it will be direct deposit on april, you will get it soon.

    New york city tax return always takes long time, federal is always quicker. I hope this information has helped you.

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