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Since when has the Republican Party been the party of small-government and lower taxes?

You all haven't had a presidential administration in thirty years that has actually worked towards shrinking government.

Bush? Reagan? The size government grew profoundly during both of these Presidents' administrations.

And the only tax-cuts were for the rich.

Before Reagan, people who made under 30 grand a year didn't have to pay taxes, he levied one on them and lowered taxes for the rich.

Oh, and sent us spiralling into the highest debt we've been in since WWII.

Anyone remember "Read my lips, no new taxes"?

You aren't the party of small gov't and lower taxes, you are all being duped.

If you are actually a small-gov't. Republican, I suggest joining the Libertarian Party as your party has not worked within your interests for decades.


Note, I am no Republican, I'm criticising them here.

They are hypocrites, plain and simple.

If you believe in small government, at least stick to your guns and join another party.

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    Why are you using a LIbertarian avatar?

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    "No new taxes" wa sbroken because democrats were holding social security, medicare and pension checks hostage in a budget fight, harming people, after blocking a republican attempt to pass emergency funding to keep those checks going out. True, the sin of republicans was they started spending big like democrats, if acting like democrats is wrong, how does electing democrats to power make anything better? At least republicans were spending on national defense, the first thing democrats always cut unless it involves big contracts to their home districts. Yes, I want less taxes and less government, because we can NOT afford the other, BOTH parties have spent every surplus, and they both raided social security funds so that it is now in the red, fixing that, and creating jobs should have been the priority. If you destroy wealth and the incentive to create or grow wealth with taxes and regulations, that wealth, innovation and business growth leaves the city, state or country, then no one has jobs or anything to tax, both rep and dems are responsible for that. The difference is, this new generation of democrats in Washington have expanded the government and deficit more than all the others previous combined.

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    I disagree. Under Bush, many government agencies that regulate industry, such as toy and food safety, were understaffed. In fact, it was the futility of the government response to the Katrina hurricane damage that spelled the beginning of the downfall of the Bush Administration. Republicans are indeed opposed to taxes. Reagan, however, was less dogmatic and more pragmatic. Even though he ran up a pretty big Federal deficit, he nevertheless tried to reduce the size of the deficit by raising taxes on cigarettes and similar items. Since rich and poor alike smoke cigarettes, it is a regressive tax, in that the poor are taxed more as a percentage of their income than the rich. Regressive taxes are a Republican favorite, as they like to tax the poor a lot more than they like to tax the rich. Of course, the Republicans do not think that the Pentagon is part of government, because they like to grow defense spending regardless of its effects on the budget deficit.

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    I suggest they just be non affiliated and forget the Party system completely. Libertarians have a broad spectrum, some are worse than the worst Republicans. Besides, the Libertarian Free market has never existed anywhere in the world in it's purest form. Ron Paul likes to say Hong Kong is the closest, but go to You Tube and watch Journeyman Pictures "The Cage People" and see if that is how you'd like to live.

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    Never. Republicans cut taxes on barrowed money. You really can't say it's cutting taxes unless you balance a budget which the democrats have done 5 times in the 1960's.

    Check out the links below. Especially check out the bottom link. Notice what I searched for in the bottom link. See if you can find any web sites that argue republicans have a better track record on the economy.

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    Both Parties are for big government. The only answer is to put in a third party that will shrink the government. I agree with your last line I support the Libertarian party because they are small government. But my family did get a tax cut under Bush and we make around 40-50k a year

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    How about the last Republican Congress? It balanced the budget under the leadership of Newt Gingrich, and had a total deficit in twleve years (1995 - 2006) less than one year of Obama & Co. deficits.

    The CBO suggested just before Democrats took over COngress three years ago that the budget of the Republicans would again be balanced by 2012. I have placed that link on this website dozens of times.

    Remember: Congress passes all revenue and spending bills. Not Presidents.

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    Right idea but wrong reasons. While yes the Republican party under Bush was really Democrats in disguise, and yes the Republican party has alienated most of it's core base as well as the fringes, it isn't taxes. We need dramatic tax cuts. I mean %50 of more cuts, especially the hidden and sin taxes which target the poor the hardest. The Dems have made constant war upon the poor with their hidden and sin taxes. The Republicans with their big biz support, both parties with the war on the American worker in the millions of H1 type gust workers and refusal to tackle the illegal problem realistically.

    Both parties treat the US Constitution like toilet paper and both parties have a total disregard for civil liberties. The Patriot act has done more the alienate former Republicans than all of the Bush tax increases. Whle the CDA was a Dem bill and AL Gore's baby quite a few Republicans voted for it. Republicans pioneered the Stim packae with the TARP idiocy.

    Both parties have pushed for amnesty and that outrages both Liberals and Conservatives.

    So it's time to dump BOTH parties as neither have the interest of the nation in their hearts. Both lust for power like a crack addict, both are so rife with corruption that they are hopeless. You can't reform them, you have to just toss them. The corruption is so institutionalized into the party that it's impossible to surgically remove it any more. Both parties take nonsense and extreme posisitions on made up issues just to make sure that no matter what your view is you can find idiocy on the other side and thus feel superior in your special brand of idiocy as dictated by your favorite head on the 2 headed monster that our system has become.

    I joined the LIbertarian party in the mid 90s. Since then I vote Libertarian or Independent if there is a viable candidate and would rather "waste" my vote than vote for somebody like Obama or McCain. The true waste of a vote is voting for somebody you know is corrupt and out of touch with the people (ie every Dem and %90 of the Republicans).

    As for Reagan, he was a Conservative Populist. The Republican party worships his Conservative side but completely misses the whole idea by abandoning the Populist elements of Reagan policies. Reagan inherited an economy on the brink of total collapse. Rampant inflation,, massive unemployment rolling at him, years of LBJ, Nixon and Carter's spend and tax anything that moves. Carter's wimpy wishy washy cowardice had made the US the laughing stock of the world. We'd become a "paper tiger" incable of even a simple hostage rescue. Reagan slapped the world upside the head, stood down the Soviets and managed to rebuild the US economy by combining a Buy American program with tax cuts. Trickle down only works if you create jobs in the US and so the Buy Amercan program was crucial. Instead of passing laws Reagan went to the American people, trusted in us and explained what we needed to do and we did it of our own choice and accord. Thus it worked. The failure of the Republican party to understand and continue Reagan's ideas and policies has destroyed the party. The failure of the Dems to understand what JFK was trying to do destroyed it. That's why Dems in power are so rare. Every so often people tire of Republican idiocy but doesn't take long for Dem's even greater insanity to long for the simple corruption of the Republicans.

    My solution. Disband both major parties.

    Push a Constiutional amendment allowing run offs for President and Congressional elections. This is necessary for third party candidates to be realistic.

    Ban lawyers from serving in Congress. It's a conflict of interest.

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    The Republicans are only for less Democrats in government.

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    Since never. The first Republican president slaughtered 600,000 of his own countrymen because he wanted to expand the size of the federal government.

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