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Which team is better?

8 team 5x5 head to head

Team A

C Matt Wieters

1B Prince Fielder

2B Placido Polanco

3B Evan Longoria

SS Yunel Escobar

OFx3 Jacoby Ellsbury, Shin-Soo Choo, B.J. Upton

Ux2 Shane Victorino, Raul Ibanez

SPx2 Zack Greinke, Johan Santana

RPx2 Rafael Soriano, Billy Wagner

Px4 Josh Johnson, Jeff Francis, Rich Hill, J.A. Happ

BNx5 Carlos Pena, Chris Coghlan, Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Ruiz

Team B

C Joe Mauer

1B Justin Morneau

2B Brian Roberts

3B Jorge Cantu

SS Hanley Ramirez

OFx3 Justin Upton, Andrew McCutchen, Adam Jones

Ux2 Cameron Maybin, Dexter Fowler

SPx2 Felix Hernandez, Josh Beckett

RPx2 Jonathan Papelbon, Joakim Soria

Px4 Tommy Hanson, Rick Porcello, Brandon Webb, David Price

BNx5 Julio Borbon, Alcides Escobar, Jason Heyward, Martin Prado, Stephen Strausburg

On paper in an 8 team league which team is better and where do you expect both to finish?

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    C - Team B, by far.

    1B - Team A, but considering the deep first baseman class this season, not by as much as you'd expect.

    2B - Team B, by far.

    3B - Team A, by far.

    SS - Team B, by far.

    OF - Team A, although Team B has the potential to be better. Team A's OF are all top 20 outfielders. On Team B, Upton is the sole elite outfielder, but McCutchen & Jones are both young and have the potential to be top 20 guys as well although they aren't there just yet.

    U - Team A, by A TON.

    SP - Team A by a tad, Greinke & Hernandez are pretty even while Santana is a bit better than Beckett.

    RP - Team B.

    P - Team B, Team A's got Johnson, who's very good, but other than him, he really doesn't have anybody good (Happ is average, Francis & Hill are nobodies). Team B is a lot more balanced out, Hanson should be very good, the rest should all turn in decent stats.

    BN - Team A has definitely got the better depth although that's only important if someone's injured.

    Overall - It's tough but I'd say Team A, though not by much. Team A has the better batting while Team B has the better pitching, but Team A is a tad better because it's OF/U is just miles better than Team B's and although it's top heavy at pitching, it's usually easier to find good free agent pitchers into the season than batters.

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