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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

Opinions On WM 26+EWS Sign ups?

Yor opinions on WM 26.

I have decided to start my first ever E-Fed. I have been thinking about this for a while and decided to make an E-Fed. I promise this will not be a E-Fed I just make and leave. I plan to make the best matches I can and make this E-Fed a good one.

I'm going to name it Extreme Wrestling Showdown

I just need your


Nickname (optional):

Brand:Hardcore Impact or Extreme Showdown



Title to go for:

Hardcore Impact Titles

Impact World Title

Impact tag titles

Impact Women tag titles

Impact women title

Extreme Showdown Titles

EWS Championship

Extreme Championship

Extreme Women Title

EWS Tag Team Championship

Extreme Showdown will be on Tuesdays and Hardcore Impact on Fridays

Thanks for everybody who joins!

4 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Name: MA Beast

    Extreme Showdown

    Attire: Black pants and a black mask.

    Gimmick: Insane Fighter

    Title: Extreme Championship

  • 1 decade ago

    Name: Daniel Hoff

    Nickname (optional):Hoff

    Brand:Hardcore Impact or Extreme Showdown: Extreme showdown

    Attire: Blue jeans and i have some other shorts

    Gimmick: Xtreme

    Title to go for: EWS Championship

    I was kind of disappointed because shawn michaels lost

    Source(s): PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!
  • You know, the Wrestling Academy will sue you for using one of their show's names as an E-Fed.

    I wasn't able to see it after the Unified Tag Team Championship match. 10/10

    Source(s): You just got OWNED!!!
  • it was an average WM. started off horrible, and ended with a bang! nonetless, it was okay.

    and sure, i'll sign up. if only you could tell me what to do and sh!t

    Name: Suyog Pradhan

    Nickname: Yoginator (Ringname)

    Brand: Extreme Showdown

    Attire: im bearded and have long hair. i also wear a mask. i come out with my shades, tank tops, sweatpants and normal shoes, and a hoodie. in ring, just the tank tops, mask, and sweatpants (shoes obviously). also, later in the show, i'd like to be shaved, my hair trimmed, and unmasked lol

    Gimmick: too cool to be true

    title: EWS Tag Team Champions

    since im your first member, i should get some special treatment ;)

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